People's Peasant Party

For the other political party in Serbia, see Peasants Party of Serbia.

The People's Peasant Party (Serbian: Народна Сељачка Странка / Narodna Seljačka Stranka) is a political party in Serbia.

It was founded in 1990, its first president being Dragan Veselinov.[1] At this point, its policies were autonomist. In the 1990 election it won one seat. In 1992 it entered into a coalition with the Civic Alliance of Serbia, and in the 1993 election both parties joined the centre-right DEPOS coalition, headed by Vuk Drašković, and won one seat.[2] In the 1997 election it was part of the regionalist Vojvodina Coalition.

Since 2002, the party has been led by Marijan Rističević. In 2003 it was expelled from the Vojvodina Coalition.[3] In the 2003 election, it was part of the far-right For National Unity coalition which won no seats. In the 2007 election the party ran on Serbian Renewal Movement's list,[4] which won no seats. In the 2012 election it was part of a centre-right coalition around the Serbian Progressive Party and won one seat.[5] In the 2014 election it was not formally in coalition with the Serbian Progressive Party, however it won one seat as Marijan Rističević was listed on the Progressives' electoral list.[6]


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