People's Party - Reformists

People's Party - Reformists
Narodna stranka - reformisti
President Radimir Čačić
Founder Radimir Čačić
Founded 28 September 2014 (2014-09-28)
Split from Croatian People's Party
Headquarters Zagreb, Croatia
Membership 1176[1]
Ideology Social liberalism
Political position Centre
National affiliation Successful Croatia
European affiliation European Democratic Party
Colors Purple
1 / 151
European Parliament
0 / 11
County Prefects
0 / 21
1 / 128

People's Party - Reformists (Croatian: Narodna stranka - Reformisti) is a liberal political party in Croatia. The civil initiative for the establishment of the party was launched by former Croatian People's Party – Liberal Democrats (HNS) chief Radimir Čačić and his associates Natalija Martinčević and Petar Baranović. More than two-thirds of the party members are former members of the HNS which left the party because of disagreements with its leadership over the exclusion of Radimir Čačić from the party while he was serving a prison sentence for unintentionally causing a traffic accident.

According to the parties former acting president Natalija Martinčević, about 200 members from HNS Zagreb and Varaždin branches each have left the party in order to join the People's party - Reformists.[2]

The party's founding congress was held on September 28, 2014 in Zagreb.[3] Radimir Čačić was unanimously elected for the first party president.[1]

Ahead of the 2015 parliamentary election the party formed a coalition, "Successful Croatia", with the centre-left Forward Croatia-Progressive Alliance.[4] In the 2015 election, the party won one seat in the Croatian Parliament in the III electoral district, held by Radimir Čačić. Čačić voted in favor of approving Cabinet of Tihomir Orešković.

Election history


The following is a summary of the party's results in legislative elections for the Croatian parliament. The "total votes" and "percentage" columns include sums of votes won by pre-election coalitions NS-R had been part of.

Election In coalition with Votes won Percentage Seats won Change Government
(Coalition totals) (NS-R only)
2015 (August) NS-PS, DDS, HSU-U, ZF 35.175
1 / 151
Decrease 2 Opposition
2016 (September) BM 365, NV-SR, HSS SR, BUZ
1 / 151
Steady Government support


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