People's Party (Dalmatia)

People's Party
Narodna stranka
Founded 1861
Dissolved 1905
Merged into Croatian party
Newspaper Narodni list
Ideology Croatian nationalism

People's Party (Croatian: Narodna stranka) was a political party in the Kingdom of Dalmatia.[1][2] It was founded in 1861 after the failure of Bach's absolutism, as branch of the People's Party in Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia. Its members were known as narodnjaci, aneksionisti or puntari.

Its political goal was uniting Dalmatia with Croatia and Slavonia, stemming from their ideological origins in the Illyrian movement. It also gathered prominent Dalmatian Italians as well as Dalmatian Serbs. However, a Serb faction splintered in 1878, led by Stjepan Mitrov Ljubiša, into the Serb People's Party (Dalmatia).

It united with the Party of Rights in 1905.

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