People's Democratic Party (Tonga)

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The People's Democratic Party (PDP) is a political party in Tonga. It was formed after a split in the Human Rights and Democracy Movement.[1] The party was founded on 8 April 2005 in 'Atenisi. Teisina Fuko was the first person elected to the party presidency at a meeting on 15 April 2005.[2]

Former Police Minister Clive Edwards subsequently won election to the Legislative Assembly on a PDP ticket during the 2005 Tongatapu by-election.

The PDP was legally registered on July 1, 2005, being the first Tongan party to do so.

The party did not win any seats in the 2010 elections, but Clive Edwards was nonetheless appointed to Cabinet as Minister for Revenue Services and Public Enterprises,[3] despite having lost his seat in Parliament.


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