People's Architect of the USSR

People's Architect of the USSR medal

People's Architect of the USSR (Russian: Народный архитектор СССР), also sometimes translated as National Architect of the USSR, was an honorary title granted to citizens of the Soviet Union; it was established on August 12, 1967 by Leonid Brezhnev. It was bestowed by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR owing proposals addressed by the State Construction Committee or by the Soviet Architects' Union. The Supreme Soviet could possibly refuse these designations.

A diploma of the Supreme Soviet's presidency was given to those who were appointed People's Architect of the USSR jointly with the medal and its concerning certificate. The title was bestowed to architects who had achieved stunning results in soviet architecture's development either applying their expertise and creativity to the urban planning or to the design of important building compounds for civil, industrial or rural use.

Following the Dissolution of the Soviet Union (1990), by a decree of the Russian presidency, it was created the new title of Meritorious Architect of the Russian Federation.


The medal was made of tombac and its shape was quadrangular (22,5 x 23,5 mm) with twisted corners. The central part was occupied by the inscription "Народный архитектор СССР" (People's Architect of the USSR) and, below, the hammer and sickle symbol. Symbol and inscription and were embossed, with convex letters. The medal was suspended to a single red silk fringe (18 mm × 21 mm) to whom it was attached by a metallic buckle decorated with bay laurel leaves.

Some awarded architects


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