Pentavryso, Kastoria

Pentavryso (Greek: Πεντάβρυσον; Bulgarian and Macedonian Slavic: Желегоже Zhelegozhe) is a village in the municipality of Agia Triada, in the regional unit of Kastoria, Greece. It is part of the region West Macedonia. Until 1928 the name of the village in Greek was Ζελιγκόσδη or Ζελεγκόσδη.[1] According to the bulgaria linguist Ivan Duridanov the name Желегоже comes from the older *Желегождже, possessive adjective with a suffix -je, from the personal name Желегодъ.[2]

Finally, it is understood that the current name of the town (Πεντάβρυσον, Πεντάβρυσος, Πεντάβρυσο, Pentavryson, Pentavrisos, Pentavrysso or Pentavrysos) means "the place with plenty of water springs". And thus, the variations 'games' of both old and new names of the town continue to date, the official since 1928 being Πεντάβρυσον.


The town centre is on an altitude of 790 m. The town is sprawling from the northern slopes of a range of green and sandy hills called Tsemna. The Tsemna range has many hills of more than 900 meters tall but the most unusual of them all is the Kinina hill (902 m) at the forefront of the range standing over Pentavrisos and overlooking the plain of Kastoria. Pentavrisos is 15 km SW from the city of Kastoria and approximately 13 km W from the town of Argos Orestiko. In the northern direction of the town and at about 1 km lies the main body of the river Aliakmon which flows eastwards, receiving waters from numerous creeks from the surrounding areas. Pentavrisos borders with the town of Ypsilon 2.5 km SE (home of some of the finest local wines and "tsipouro"), Omorfoklisia 4.5 km SW (home of Saint Georgios Byzantine church), Tsakoni 3 km NE (on the road to the manicipality's of Agia Triada centre Maniaki and the city of Kastoria) and Avgi 3 km E (home of the newly discovered prehistoric settlement, on the road to Argos Orestiko). Across from the river Aliakmon and over a modern bridge the closest towns are Kalochori 4.5 km N and Kranochori 6.5 km NW (both of these towns are linked to the main road Kastoria-Nestorio).


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