Pentagrammic antiprism

Uniform Pentagrammic antiprism
TypePrismatic uniform polyhedron
ElementsF = 12, E = 20
V = 10 (χ = 2)
Faces by sides10{3}+2{5/2}
Schläfli symbolsr{2,5/2}
Wythoff symbol| 2 2 5/2
Coxeter diagram
SymmetryD5h, [5,2], (*552), order 20
Rotation groupD5, [5,2]+, (55), order 10
Index referencesU79(a)
DualPentagrammic trapezohedron

Vertex figure

In geometry, the pentagrammic antiprism is one in an infinite set of nonconvex antiprisms formed by triangle sides and two regular star polygon caps, in this case two pentagrams.

This polyhedron is identified with the indexed name U79 as a uniform polyhedron.

An alternative representation with hollow centers to the pentagrams.


Net (fold the dotted line in the centre in the opposite direction to all the other lines):

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