Penny Dreadful (film)

Penny Dreadful

Film poster
Directed by Richard Brandes
Produced by Richard Brandes
Braxton Pope
Anita Sgarro
Andrew Weiner
Screenplay by Diane Doniol-Valcroze
Arthur Flam
Richard Brandes
Story by Diane Doniol-Valcroze
Arthur Flam
Starring Rachel Miner
Mimi Rogers
Mickey Jones
Michael Berryman
Music by Steve Gurevitch
Cinematography Joplin Wu
Edited by Ben Le Vine
Distributed by Freestyle Releasing
After Dark Films
Release dates
United States (Theatrical)
18 November 2006
Running time
92 min
Country United States
Language English

Penny Dreadful is a 2006 American horror film. The film centers on a young woman who has a phobia of cars and ends up stalked by a maniac hitchhiker preying on her fear. Penny Dreadful is an R-Rated film for violence/terror, some sexuality and language.


Penny (Rachel Miner), a young woman traumatized by a childhood auto accident that killed her parents, accompanies her therapist Orianna (Mimi Rogers) on a road trip to a mountain community as part of her therapy to overcome her fear of cars. On the way, Orianna hits, but does not seriously injure, a hitchhiker, who she then offers a ride. The hitchhiker is silent during the ride, except to point out his destination.

After dropping off the hitchhiker, they discover that he has punctured one of the tires. Orianna sets off to get reception for her cell phone but fails to return. Penny goes off to find Orianna but trips and falls, having injured her ankle earlier. When she wakes up, she's back in the car, which has been wedged between two trees. Orianna, whose death has been recorded on a video camera, is beside her. Penny tries to call for help, but the hitchhiker continues to terrorize and torture her. Several people who live and work nearby are killed by the hitchhiker when they attempt to help her or to get in his way.

Penny is tortured for another few hours; and, when she tries to crawl out the car window, the hitchhiker grabs her right foot and cuts off one of her toes. After finally falling asleep, she turns around to find the hitchhiker sitting in the back wearing Orianna's clothes, who then pulls off the hood (revealing to be a demented female mental patient) and tries to strangle her while saying, "Don't forget your breathing exercises, Penny." She manages to fight off the hitchhiker by stabbing her in the eye with a pencil and escape from the car, only to trip from her injured foot. The hitchhiker finds her and tries to attack, but a man driving a pick-up truck drives past in time to hit the hitchhiker. The hitchhiker appears to be dead at this point, and the truck driver is panicking. He tells Penny to wait in the vehicle while he assists the hitchhiker. Penny feels a bit of relief as she watches the man and the dead hitchhiker. But terror boils up when she realizes the hitchhiker is still moving.


Actor/Actress Character
Rachel Miner Penny Deerborn
Mimi Rogers Orianna Volkes
Michael Berryman Gas Station Attendant
Lucy Rogers-Ciaffa Young Penny
Elyse Marie Mirto Mother
Liz Davies Hitchhiker
Mickey Jones Eddie
Chad Todhunter Alvin
Tammy Filor Mary Saunders
Casey Sander Truck Driver
^[1] Cast is listed in order of their appearance in the film.

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The film debuted as one of the 8 Films To Die For in the first After Dark Horrorfest in 2006, released theatrically nationwide on November 18, 2006.[1][2] The DVD was released on March 27, 2007 by Lionsgate and After Dark Films.


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