Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, Pelplin

The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption or Pelplin Abbey (Latin: Polplinum) is a former Cistercian abbey, located in Pelplin, Poland, to the south of Gdańsk.

It was founded in 1258 by Sambor II, Duke of Pomerania, as "Samboria", and was a daughter house of the Cistercian Doberan Abbey. It was first sited in Pogódki (Pogutken) near Kościerzyna (Berent) and re-located in 1276 to Pelplin. By decree of the Prussian government of 5 March 1823 it was dissolved. Since 1824 the church, as Pelpin Cathedral, has been the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pelplin.

Main building

Work on the Brick Gothic building (length 80 m, height 26 m) began in 1289. The church was finished in 1323; additional work was completed in 1557.


Coordinates: 53°56′00″N 18°42′00″E / 53.93333°N 18.70000°E / 53.93333; 18.70000

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