Pejačević Castle in Virovitica

Pejačević Castle in Virovitica
Dvorac Pejačević u Virovitici
Virovitica, Slavonia region,

Pejačević Castle - southwest view
Pejačević Castle in Virovitica
Dvorac Pejačević u Virovitici
Coordinates 45°50′05″N 17°23′10″E / 45.834681°N 17.386103°E / 45.834681; 17.386103
Type Manor house
Site information
Owner Town of Virovitica
Controlled by Pejačević noble family
Open to
the public
Yes (Town museum)
Condition Slightly renovated
Site history
Built 1800-1804
Built by Antun Pejačević

Pejačević Castle in Virovitica is a late-baroque and neoclassicistic castle in the town of Virovitica, Virovitica–Podravina County, northern Croatia. It is one of several castles owned by the members of Pejačević noble family in the region of Slavonia.

The castle was built in 1800–04 by Croatian count Antun Pejačević (*1749; †1802) and his son Antun (*about 1775; †1838) on the site of a previous fortress from the Middle Ages. It was designed by N. Roth, an architect from Vienna. The castle was the seat of the whole Virovitica estate, whose proprietors changed pretty often in the past.

Built as a single-storey edifice in the middle of surrounding park, the castle is rectangular in plan. The structure is almost symmetrical, with a slightly projecting central block and the ends of two wings that project forward. The main frontage of the castle is turned toward the major downtown square. The back side is decorated with two lines of arcades that follow the lines of the corridor, the upper one containing fragmented windows.

After being bought by Virovitica municipality in 1930, the castle was rearranged and since 1953 it houses a town museum, with several collections (archeology, ethnography, culture and history, and so on).

The castle is home to Virovitica Municipal Museum.[1]

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