Peepshow (comics)

Publication information
Publisher Drawn and Quarterly
Schedule Irregular
Format Ongoing series
Genre Alternative comics
Publication date 1992 – present
Creative team
Creator(s) Joe Matt
Collected editions
The Poor Bastard ISBN 978-1-896-59767-6

Peepshow is the title of a 1992 comic book collection and an ongoing autobiographical comic book by American cartoonist Joe Matt, both published by Drawn and Quarterly. The book collects strips published in various publications from before the Peepshow series started.

Story arcs

The story is divided into three story arcs:

List of issues

Issues of Peepshow
Issue Year Month Collection
1 1992 February The Poor Bastard (1997)
2 May
3 November
4 1993 April
5 October
6 1994 April
7 1995 March Fair Weather (2002)
8 July
9 1996 April
10 1997 July
11 1998 June Spent (2007)
12 2000 April
13 2002 February
14 2006 October

Collected editions

Peepshow collections
Title Date Contents ISBN Notes
Peepshow : The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt 1992 strips from 1987–92. Softcover: 978-1-896-59727-0
The Poor Bastard 1996 Peepshow #1–6 Hardcover: 978-1-896-59767-6
Softcover: 978-1-896-59744-7
Fair Weather 2002 Peepshow #7–10 Hardcover:978-1-896-59756-0
Softcover: 978-1-896-59774-4
Spent 2007 Peepshow #11–14 Hardcover: 978-1-897-29911-1

Animated TV series

In 2004, it was reported that HBO was developing an animated series based on The Poor Bastard that would be produced by Matt and David X. Cohen.[1] This project was abandoned in 2005.


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