Pedro de Almeida Portugal, 3rd Marquis of Alorna

"Pedro de Almeida" redirects here. For the Brazilian dressage rider, see Pedro de Almeida (equestrian).
Pedro de Almeida Portugal
Marquis of Alorna, Count of Assumar
Born 16 January 1754
Lisbon, Kingdom of Portugal
Died 2 January 1813
Königsberg, Kingdom of Prussia
Spouse Henriqueta Julia Gabriela de Lorena Távora e Cunha
Full name
Pedro José de Almeida Portugal de Lorena e Lencastre
Father João de Almeida Portugal, 2nd Marquis of Alorna
Mother Leonor de Lorena e Távora
Religion Roman Catholicism
Occupation General

D. Pedro de Almeida Portugal, 3rd Marquis of Alorna (16 January 1754 – 2 January 1813) was a Portuguese general who served in the French Army during the Napoleonic Wars.

Military career

In November 1793, Almeida was an adjutant general. He commanded Portuguese forces in Spain, fighting against the French. In 1798, he became the commander of a unit of light troops known as the Alorna Legion. Almeida was promoted to major general in 1799. He began conspiring with the French, and helped force the Portuguese court to Brazil in 1807. He was promoted to lieutenant general in October of that year, and charged with the defense of Elvas. However, under the orders of the prince regent, he was forced to surrender Elvas to the Spanish on December 2, 1807.

Almeida was governor of the Alentejo province until December 22, 1807, when Jean-Andoche Junot, the invading French general, made him inspector general and commander of all Portuguese forces stationed in the provinces of Beira, Trás-os-Montes, and Estremadura. On February 15, 1808, he was named inspector general of all Portuguese forces, and commanded them in Spain from March to June 1808. On August 1, 1808, he was named a major general in the service of Napoleonic Spain. On April 22, 1810, Almeida was assigned to the staff of André Masséna, and played an important role in the Siege of Almeida.

He entered France in July 1811 and was assigned to the Observation Corps of the Grand Armée on January 30, 1812. Named major general in the service of France on March 21, 1812, Almeida was put in charge of the 2nd company of Portuguese chasseur. He was then made commander of the Portuguese light cavalry regiment. He participated in the retreat from Russia and died during it in Königsberg.

He was succeeded by his sister, Leonor de Almeida Portugal, 4th Marquise of Alorna.

Marriage and descendants

Almeida married Henriqueta Julia Gabriela da Cunha (1787-1829), eldest daughter of the Count of São Vicente, on February 19, 1782 in Lisbon. The couple had two children.

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