Peder Hersleb

Peder Hersleb

Peder Hersleb (25 March 1689 4 April 1757) was a Norwegian clergyman and Bishop.[1]

He was born in Steinkjer in Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. He was the son of Christopher Hersleb and Sophie Borch. He moved to Trondheim where became a student in 1703 and received a bachelor degree in 1704. In 1707 he took his theological examination. In 1714 he was appointed a military chaplain. In 1718 he was called to minister at Gunslev on the island of Falster, but the same year he was appointed priest at Frederiksborg Castle and vicar in Hillerod and Roskilde. In 1725, he moved to Copenhagen as priest in the Danish royal court. In 1727, he was a member of the Mission College and co-director of Waisenhuset Orphanage School which he inaugurated in spring 1728. He served as Bishop of the Diocese of Oslo from 1731 to 1737. He published several collections of sermons. [2]

In 1737, he was elected Bishop of Diocese of Sjælland. His daughter, Frederikke Louise Hersleb (1720-1780), married Ludvig Harboe, who worked with him in the diocese. When Hersleb died in 1757, Harboe was appointed to replace him as Bishop.[3]


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Preceded by
Bartholomæus Deichman
Bishop of Oslo
Succeeded by
Niels Dorph
Preceded by
Christen Worm
Bishop of Sjælland
Succeeded by
Ludvig Harboe

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