Pearson Television

Pearson Television
Subsidiary of Pearson PLC
Industry Television production
Television syndication
Fate merged with CLT-UFA and re branded as FremantleMedia
Founded 1996
Defunct 2001
Headquarters Culver City, California, USA
Products Television
Owner Pearson PLC (1996–2000)
RTL Group (2000–2001)

Pearson Television was the American-based television production and distribution arm of British company Pearson PLC.


In 1994 after a bidding war, Pearson, PLC. bought the production arms of Thames Television, Hill-Fields Entertainment, and ACI Worldwide Distribution, making their way into the television industry. In 1996 Pearson, PLC. bought the production company All American Television, and then re-branded it as Pearson Television. This acquisition gave them the rights to various libraries, including Mark Goodson Productions, LBS Communications and more.

In April 2000, Pearson TV decided to takes over Smith & Jones' production company Talkback Productions. Pearson Television ended the same year as Talkback's takeover when Pearson PLC sold the division to CLT-UFA, who later went on to form the RTL Group.

The following year, Pearson Television was re-branded as FremantleMedia.

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