Peštani and surrounding area as seen from Galičica

Location in the Republic of Macedonia

Coordinates: 41°00′55″N 20°48′39″E / 41.01528°N 20.81083°E / 41.01528; 20.81083
Country  Republic of Macedonia
Municipality Ohrid Municipality
Population (2002)
  Total 1,326
Time zone CET (UTC+1)

Peštani (Macedonian: Пештани)[1] is a village in the Republic of Macedonia, located 12 kilometres south of the city of Ohrid. It is a popular beachside town along Lake Ohrid and lies at the foot of Galičica National Park. Originally a fishing village, it now gets most of its income from tourism.

Roughly 1,326 people live in the village of Peštani.[2]

Panorama of Peštani.


  1. Known locally in the Ohrid dialect as Peščani (Пешчани)
  2. Galičica National Park website

Coordinates: 41°00′N 20°48′E / 41.000°N 20.800°E / 41.000; 20.800

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