Payer Island

Payer Island
Native name: <span class="nickname" ">oстров Пайера

Location of the Zemlya Zichy subgroup in Franz Josef Land
Payer Island
Location Arctic Ocean
Coordinates 80°35′N 60°30′E / 80.58°N 60.5°E / 80.58; 60.5
Archipelago Franz Josef Land
Area 151 km2 (58 sq mi)
Length 20 km (12 mi)
Width 12.5 km (7.77 mi)
Highest elevation 452 m (1,483 ft)
Highest point Kupol Frolova
Oblast Arkhangelsk Oblast
Population 0

Payer Island (Russian: oстров Пайера, ostrov Payera) is an island in Franz Josef Land, Russia.

This island was named after Julius Johannes Ludovicus von Payer an Austro-Hungarian arctic explorer and an Arctic landscape artist, one of the leaders of the Austro-Hungarian North Pole Expedition.


Payer Island is part of the Zichy Land subgroup of the Franz Josef Archipelago. Its area is 151 km² and it lies to the SE of Jackson Island. The headland at the northern end is Mys Nordik.[1] The center of the island is covered by an ice dome named Kupol Frolova (Купол Фролова). Its highest point reaches 452 m (1,483 ft).[2]

Adjacent islands

Very close to Payer Island, off its easternmost point, lie some small islands:

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Coordinates: 81°09′N 57°30′E / 81.150°N 57.500°E / 81.150; 57.500

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