Paulus Constantijn la Fargue

The barge-canal between The Hague and Leiden at Leidschendam by Paulus Constantijn la Fargue, Rijksmuseum Twenthe, 1756

Paulus Constantijn la Fargue, also Constantine Paul Lafargue, (The Hague, 5 January 1729 - 10 June 1782) was a Dutch painter, etcher and draftsman.

La Fargue was born into an artistic family. His siblings Karel, Maria Margaretha, Jacob Elias and Isaac Lodewijk were all painters.[1] Paul Constantine la Fargue initially made room wallpaper. He worked on behalf of the Hague art dealer Gerard Huet. Later he specialized in drawing and painting cityscapes and landscapes, primarily landscapes in The Hague and Rotterdam until 1770. After this year he painted places in and around Delft, Haarlem, Leiden and Amsterdam. He also gained fame through his copies of old masters, including Jacob van Ruisdael. Besides landscapes he also painted historical images, portraits and genre works.


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