Paul Fouad Tabet

Paul Fouad Tabet (born on November 28, 1929, Maarab, Lebanon – died on July 20, 2009) was a Maronite archbishop and apostolic nuncio.[1]


Born in Lebanon, Tabet was ordained a priest on December 22, 1956, for the Maronite Church.[2] From 1978 to 1980 he was a commissioner of the Roman Curia on the West Indies (Antilles). In addition, he was named an honorary prelate. On February 9, 1980, Pope John Paul II appointed Tabet Roman Catholic titular archbishop pro hac vice of Sinna and ordered him Apostolic Pro-Nuncio of the West Indies[3] (Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago). He was consecrated bishop on March 30, 1980 by Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, Cardinal Anthony Peter Khoraish, and his co-consecrators were Chucrallah Harb, Eparch of Jounieh and Roland Aboujaoudé, auxiliary bishop of Antioch.

On February 11, 1984 Tabet was additionally appointed Pro-Nuncio to Belize and Pro-Nuncio to Nigeria. On December 14, 1991 he moved to Secretariat of State. On January 2, 1996 he was successor of Luciano Storero as apostolic nuncio in Greece.[4] He succeeded in 1996 Justo Mullor García as Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations in Geneva.

Tabet was member of the honorary committee of the Bios Prize Award of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.[5]

On January 25, 2005 Pope John Paul II accepted his resignation as Apostolic Nuncio of Greece by age-related reasons.

Paul Fouad Tabed died on July 20, 2009.


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