Paul Capell, 11th Earl of Essex

Frederick Paul de Vere Capell, 11th Earl of Essex (born 29 May 1944) is the current Earl of Essex. He succeeded his father Robert Capell, 10th Earl of Essex, in 2005.

Born to Robert Capell and his wife Doris, Lord Essex began his life as Frederick Paul de Vere Capell. His father was a distant cousin to the 9th Earl of Essex.

When his father proved that he was the heir to the earldom in 1989, Paul became entitled to call himself Viscount Malden. However, few people at Skerton County Primary School in Lancashire, where he was deputy headmaster, knew of his aristocratic status.[1]

Lord Essex is unmarried at age 70. If he dies without a legitimate son, the earldom will pass to William Jennings Capell, his fourth cousin once removed. William's father, Bladen Horace, was a strong claimant to the heirship of the earldom, before the 10th Earl proved his superior claim.

Shorthand titles

Family tree

This chart shows the relation between Lord Essex, his recent predecessors, and William Capell.

The Hon. John Capel (half-brother of 5th Earl)
m. Lady Caroline Paget
Arthur Capell, 6th Earl
m. Lady Caroline Beauclerk
The Hon. Algernon Capell
m. Caroline Paget
The Hon. Adolphus Capell
m. Charlotte Maynard
Arthur de Vere Capell, Viscount Malden
m. Emma Meux
Charles Capell
m. Alice Bellairs
Rev. Horatio Bladen Capell
m. Ada Augusta Howkins
George de Vere Capell, 7th Earl
m. Eleanor Hartford
Arthur de Vere Capell
m. Alice Currie
Horace Capell
m. Clara Jackson
Algernon de Vere Capell, 8th Earl
m. Mary Stewart Freeman
Robert de Vere Capell, 10th Earl
m. Doris Tomlinson
Bladen Ozro Capell
m. Madge Crawford
Reginald de Vere Capell, 9th Earl
Paul de Vere Capell, 11th Earl
Bladen Horace Capell
m. Mae Walley
William Jennings Capell


Peerage of England
Preceded by
Robert Capell
Earl of Essex
William Jennings Capell
Orders of precedence in the United Kingdom
Preceded by
The Rt Hon The Earl of Sandwich
The Rt Hon The Earl of Essex
Succeeded by
The Rt Hon The Earl of Carlisle
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