Patrick Joseph Morrissey

Patrick Joseph Morrissey
Born 7 March 1936
Belturbet, County Cavan, Ireland
Died (aged 49)
Tallanstown, County Louth, Ireland

Police career

Department Garda Síochána
Badge number 14545K
Years of service 1960–1985 (24 years)
Rank Sergeant

Sergeant Patrick Joseph Morrissey (7 March 1936 – 27 June 1985) was a member of the Garda Síochána, the national police service of Ireland, killed in the line of duty by the INLA.[1]

Personal life

He was a native of Belturbet, County Cavan. He served in the Irish Army from 1953 to 1960. He lived in Drogheda with his wife Bernadette and their four children: Martin, Brian, Mary and Aideen.


He joined the Garda Síochána on 14 December 1960 and was promoted to Sergeant on 24 October 1974. He was stationed at Collon County Louth for a number of years before his death. He also served at Tramore, Drogheda, Dundrum, Stepaside, Fitzgibbon Street, Whitehall, Bridewell and H.Q. An experienced diver and life saver he played a major role in the development of the Garda Sub-Aqua Unit.[2]

Robbery and Shooting

He was shot dead while in pursuit of two INLA members - Michael McHugh from Crossmaglen and Noel Callan from Cullaville County Monaghan - who had robbed the Labour Exchange in Ardee and stolen £25,000 in cash. Sgt. Morrissey was at Ardee courthouse for a sitting of the local court when he was found out about the raid at the employment exchange in Ardee. He joined two Ardee based Gardaí in their patrol car who were shot at by the robbers. Near Tallanstown the robbers,who had switched from a car to a motorcycle, collided with an approaching car injuring its occupants. Two of the Gardaí stayed with the injured persons while Sergeant Morrissey, alone and on foot, pursued the raiders. As he caught up with them a shot was fired and he fell to the ground grievously wounded. One of the gunmen stood over him and at point blank range shot the Sergeant dead.[2] RTÉ Security Correspondent at the time, Tom McCaughren, described it as "an execution".


Sergeant Morrissey was posthumously awarded the Scott Gold Medal on 4 December 1986.[2] He was awarded the posthumous Freedom of Drogheda in 2013.[3]

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