Pasco Region

This article is about the Region of Pasco. For its capital city, see Cerro de Pasco. For other uses, see Pasco (disambiguation).
Pasco Region


Location of the Pasco Region in Peru
Coordinates: 10°30′S 75°18′W / 10.5°S 75.3°W / -10.5; -75.3Coordinates: 10°30′S 75°18′W / 10.5°S 75.3°W / -10.5; -75.3
Country Peru
Subdivisions 3 provinces and 28 districts
Capital Cerro de Pasco
  President Victor Raúl Espinoza Soto
  Total 25,319.59 km2 (9,775.95 sq mi)
Highest elevation 4,380 m (14,370 ft)
Lowest elevation 256 m (840 ft)
Population (2004 estimate)
  Total 277,475
  Density 11/km2 (28/sq mi)
Dialing code 063
ISO 3166 code PE-PAS
Principal resources Lead, zinc, silver and coal.
Percentage of Peru's GDP 1.04%

Pasco is a region in central Peru. Its capital is Cerro de Pasco.

Political division

Map of the Pasco region showing its provinces

The region is divided into 3 provinces (Spanish: provincias, singular: provincia), which are composed of 28 districts (distritos, singular: distrito).

Celebration in Oxapampa.


The provinces, with their capitals in parentheses, are:

Places of interest

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