Partially guyed tower

A partially guyed tower is a tower structure which consists of a free-standing basement, in most cases of concrete or of lattice steel with a guyed mast on the top. The anchor basements of the guyed mast can be on the top of the tower or on the ground.


Partially guyed towers can be used e.g. when a very high tower for FM and TV transmission is required, which should also carry antennas for directional radio services in a much lower height. In this cases the antennas for directional radio services are mounted on the top of the free-standing part of the tower, while the guyed mast on its top carry the FM and TV antennas. They can be also used in order to upgrade small stable towers (like watertowers) with a long antenna mast for FM and TV broadcasting. However their use is rare, and done only in some European countries.

Partially guyed tower with anchor basements on the top of free-standing tower

Guyed masts on skyscrapers or thicker towers are often guyed on the roof of the free-standing basement structure. In this case there is no major constructive difference of the guyed mast to a guyed mast on plain ground and the construction of the free-standing basement tower does not differ much from a tower of the same height without the mast on the top. The guyed mast of such constructions is usually less tall than the free-standing basement tower.

Partially guyed tower with anchor basements on the ground

Much more rarely and interesting under constructive details are partially guyed towers at which at least one basement of the guy anchors is on the ground. At such structures, the guyed mast on the top is in opposite to guyed towers with anchor basements on the top of free-standing tower much taller (in most cases taller than the basement tower) and it must be considered at its construction and maintenance, that the basement of the guyed mast is situated much more elevated than that of the anchor basements.

Not considered as partially guyed towers are guyed mast radiators, which stand on the top of a helix building, because a helix building is much smaller than the mast radiator on it. Such constructions the Mühlacker radio transmitter and the Ismaning radio transmitter.

Realized towers

Tower Year Country Town Pinnacle height Remarks
Gerbrandy Tower 1961  Netherlands IJsselstein 366.8 m
Vännäs TV Tower 1988  Sweden Vännäs 323 m
Høiåsmasten 1980  Norway Halden 320 m
Zendstation Smilde 1959  Netherlands Smilde 303.5 m
Cutler Naval Station 1960  United States Cutler, Maine ? m
Brunnby transmitter ?  Sweden Uppsala 225 m
TV Tower Brest - Roc Trédudon 1974  France Roc Trédudon 220 m lattice tower as basement
Greipstad transmitter 1958  Norway Greipstad 218 m
Telecommunication Tower Aarhus 1956  Denmark Arhus 216.1 m
Sörmon TV Tower 1967  Sweden Karlstad 184 m
Nordhue transmitter ?  Norway Elverum, Hedmark 182 m lattice tower as basement
Kekesteto TV Tower ?  Hungary Kekesteto 178 m
Brudaremossen masts 1980  Sweden Gothenburg 172 m
Sendeturm Dobratsch 1971  Austria Dobratsch Mountain 165 m
Lyngdal transmitter 1954  Norway Lyngdal 156 m
Gamlemsveten transmitter  Norway Haram 154 m
Tighina TV Tower ?  Moldova Tighina 152 m
Shchyolkovo Radio Mast ?  Russia Shchyolkovo 150 m Mast radiator on small lattice tower,
Steinfjellet transmitter ?  Norway Bremanger 148 m
Mont Agel Broadcasting Mast 1946  France Fontbonne 145 m originally mast radiator with lattice tower as basement, today used for FM-/TV-broadcasting
Waldenburg TV Tower ?  Germany Waldenburg 145 m antenna mast dismantled in 2009
Mekhzavod Radio Mast ?  Russia Mekhzavod 142 m Mast radiator on small lattice tower
Sendeturm Jauerling 1958  Austria Jauerling 141 m lattice tower as basement
Hoherodskopf old telecommunication tower ?  Germany Hoherodskopf ? lattice tower as basement, replaced by Hoherodskopf telecommunication tower,
Gera Telecommunication Tower 126.5 m  Germany Gera ? originally free-standing
Geitfjellet transmitter 1962  Norway Grong 131 m
Lakssvelafjellet transmitter ?  Norway Bjerkreim 130 m
Wachberg transmitter ?  Austria Weitra 130 m
Mount Corhanwarrabul, Channel 7 Tower 1956  Australia Mount Dandenong, Victoria 131 m Lattice tower as basement
Torfhaus Telekom Transmitter ?  Germany Torfhaus 130 m was transformed in a pure guyed mast
Tokaj TV Tower 1960  Hungary Tokaj 130 m
Ylojärvi TV Tower ?  Finland Ylojärvi 124 m
Transmitter Geiersberg ?  Germany Geiersberg 124 m lattice tower as basement
Criuleni TV Tower ?  Moldova Criuleni 123 m
Transmission Tower Lindenfels ?  Germany Lindenfels 122 m lattice tower as basement
Transmitter Boppard ?  Germany Boppard-Fleckertshöhe 121 m lattice tower as basement
Makarki Directional Radio Tower ?  Poland Makarki 120 m lattice tower as basement
Uzd TV Tower ?  Hungary Uzd 120 m
Transmission Tower Hesselberg ?  Germany Hesselberg 119 m lattice tower as basement
Hegyhátsál TV Tower ?  Hungary Hegyhátsál 117 m
Gelukskroon transmitter, main tower ?  South Africa Pretoria 112.8 m
Lifjellmast ?  Norway Homersak 111 m lattice tower as basement
Kopparen transmitter ?  Norway Botngard 102 m lattice tower as basement
Reichenhain Transmission Tower ?  Germany Chemnitz 99 m lattice tower as basement, was before June 2007 free-standing
Mount Ślęża transmitter 1958  Poland Mount Ślęża 98 m dismantled, after taller additionally guyed tower was built in 1972
Pietricica transmitter ?  Romania Piatra Neamţ 87 m
Still Pond Signal Tower ?  United States Still Pond, Maryland 83.8 m
Towers on roof of Heckeshorn Shelter 1948  Germany Berlin ? m 2 towers, were used from 1948 to 1967 for a radio relay link to Lower Saxony. Dismantled in 1967
Coburg-Eckardtsberg Radio Tower ?  Germany Coburg 68 m prefabricated concrete tower as basement
Kvasovka Radio Tower ?  Russia Kvasovka ? m Pinnacle guyed on ground and on 4 crossbars mounted on the lower part of the tower
Some towers at Irazú Antenna Farm ?  Costa Rica San Rafael de Irazú ?
Alfândega da Fé Transmitter ?  Portugal Alfândega da Fé ?
Monte do Faro transmitter ?  Portugal Valença ? ,
Valença Rádio Comercial transmitter ?  Portugal Valença ? ,
Shabla transmitter ?  Bulgaria Shabla ? m
Witthohsteige Radio Tower ?  Germany Tuttlingen 58,5 m prefabricated concrete tower as basement
Old TV-Tower Inselberg 1939  Germany Inselsberg Mountain 43.31 m aerial mast removed
Windisch Bleiberg Transmission Tower ?  Austria Windisch Bleiberg ?
Campobasso Transmitter 1959  Italy Campobasso ? mast radiator on castle
Chełmiec Radio Mast ?  Poland Chełmiec ? Guyed mast on castle ruin
Wrights Hill Radio Tower ?  New Zealand Wellington ?
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