Paroli (uniform)

This article is about Paroli(s) in Austria, pertaining Gorget patches with rank insignia in other German speaking countries see Kragenspiegel.

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broad Parolis on battle-dress blouse before 1916
broad Paroli with silke stars and special badge after 1913

Paroli (pl. Parolis; en: gorget patch, collar tab, or patch) – was initial the designation to the coloured gorget patches of the Austro-Hungarian Army (k.u.k. Army), appliquéd on the gorget of uniform coat, or jacket and the battle-dress blouse. Parolis indicated the egalisation colour, and served as discrimination criteria of the 102 infantry regiments of the k.u.k. Army, as well as dragoon regiment (mounted infantry) and the regiment of the uhlans (light cavalry). In other German speaking armed forces the designation was Kragenpatte, Kragenspiegel or Arabesque.

Paroli in the k.u.k. Army

In the k.u.k. Army two Parolis (1 left and 1 on the right hand side) were appliquéd to the front part of the uniform gorget (1 left and 1 on the right hand side) on coat, Waffenrock (en: service uniform, dress uniform and/or battle-dress blouse), as indicated below. Rank stars and special badges could be attached as appropriate and indicated below.

The rank stars of the rank groups gemeine, chargess and Unteroffiziere (NCOs) were made from white celluloid. However, since the year 1913 Paroli rank stars to Stabsfeldwebel and Kadett were made form white silk. Offiziersstellvertreter (officer deputy) rank stars were from brass, those to Fähnrich and officers were metallic gold-plated or silver-plated. In cases of self-procurement, metal embroidered rank stars were allowed.


The galleries below show examples of Parolis

Paroli in Austrian today

Paroli on coat of an Austrian fire fighter

The system of rank insignia on military uniforms remains almost unchanged since the Austro-Hungarian Empire has been established. Slight changes in wording, e.g. Paroli with distinction star changed to distinction insignia, occurred. However, today only the curved tongue on the coat with the upwards directed point is designated as Paroli.

The galley below shows some examples of the today´s Austrian Bundesheer.

Rank Zugsführer Korporal Gefreiter
Insignia shoulder board
suit 75/3
jacket gorget
Corps colour Engineers Skirmishing patrol NBC-Defence



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