Parliament of Western Australia

Parliament of Western Australia
38th Parliament
Coat of arms or logo
Houses Legislative Assembly
Legislative Council
Founded 7 February 1832
Elizabeth II
Since 6 February 1952
Kerry Sanderson
Since 20 October 2014
Michael Sutherland, Liberal
Since 11 April 2013
Barry House, Liberal
Since 22 May 2009
Seats 95
59 MLAs
36 MLCs
Legislative Assembly political groups
Government (38)
     Liberal (31)
     Nationals (7)
     Labor (21)
Legislative Council political groups
Government (22)
     Liberal (17)
     Nationals (5)
     Labor (11)
Crossbench (3)
     Greens (2)
     Shooters and Fishers (1)
Last general election
9 March 2013
Next general election
Meeting place
Parliament House,
Perth, Western Australia,

The Parliament of Western Australia is the legislature of the Australian state of Western Australia, forming the legislative branch of the Government of Western Australia. The parliament consists of a lower house, the Legislative Assembly, an upper house, the Legislative Council and the Queen, represented by the state governor. Both houses sit at Parliament House, located in Perth, the state's capital.

For a bill to become law, it must be passed by both the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, and receive royal assent from the state governor.

The party or coalition commanding the support of a majority of the members of the Legislative Assembly is invited by the governor to form a government. The head of government holds the office of Premier of Western Australia.[1]

Western Australia first obtained responsible government in 1890, having previously been ruled since 1870 by a governor and a Legislative Council made up of appointed officials and elected members. The first premier was John Forrest, who held office until 1901.


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