Parco naturale Val Troncea

Parco nazionale Val Troncea
IUCN category V (protected landscape/seascape)
Location Piedmont
Nearest city Torino
Coordinates 45°30′10″N 9°18′36″E / 45.50278°N 9.31000°E / 45.50278; 9.31000Coordinates: 45°30′10″N 9°18′36″E / 45.50278°N 9.31000°E / 45.50278; 9.31000
Area 3.265,00
Established 1980
Governing body Ente di gestione del Parco naturale della Val Troncea

The nature park Parco naturale Val Troncea is located in Val Chisone, in the municipality of Pragelato. The park was created in 1980 to preserve the natural environment.


The park is located between 1670 AMSL and 3.280 m AMSL. The highest point is the peak of the mountain Punta Rognosa di Sestriere. The river Chisone seeps at the very end of the valley, at the foot of Monte Barifreddo and runs through it until it reaches the river Pellice.[1]


The nature park has a lot of hiking paths, both linking the different hamlets with each other, or the bottom of the valley with the mountains' peaks.


Typical house in Laval

In the park can still be found old hamlets, representing the valley´s lifestyle and architecture:

Alpe Mei is located at the end of the valley and is inhabited just in summer. It can be reached within a two-hour walk. The shepherds produce and sell typical mountain cheese such as ricotta and toma.

Mountain huts

This hut is located in the old hamlet of Troncea and offers a restaurant service.

Two smaller mountain huts can just be used to stay overnight, by asking for the keys to the park headquarters in Pragelato.


The Sapav bus TorinoSestriere links the hamlet of Traverse.

In August, the park is organizing a shuttle-bus service for tourists, that links the entrance of the valley to the very end (Alpe Mei).


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