Papal conclave, 1334

Papal conclave

Coat of arms during the vacancy of the Holy See
Dates and location
Palais des Papes, Avignon
Candidates Jean-Raymond de Comminges
Ballots ?
Elected Pope
Jacques Fournier
(Name taken: Benedict XII)

The papal conclave, 1334 (13 December to 20 December) elected Jacques Fournier as Pope Benedict XII to succeed Pope John XXII.


Twenty-four cardinals attended the Conclave of December, 1334.[1] Their names are listed by Konrad Eubel in Hierarchia catholica.[2]


An early favorite among the papabile was Cardinal Jean-Raymond de Comminges, Bishop of Porto e Santa Rufina, son of Count Bernard VI of Comminges and Laura de Montfort. The French cardinals, led by Elie de Talleyrand-Périgord, naturally did not want to leave their native France for the plague-infested and unfriendly city of Rome. And since the Orsini faction did want to return to Rome, the Colonna faction chose the exact opposite, and joined the French.[3] A sufficient number of cardinals agreed to support him (2/3, or a minimum of 16 in number), and thus he could have been elected Pope, had he been willing to swear to a condition not to return the papacy to Rome.[4] Understandably, he refused his consent to the election on those terms.[5]


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