Pangako Sa 'Yo (2015 TV series)

This article is about the 2015 remake version. For the original (2000) series, see Pangako Sa 'Yo.
Pangako Sa 'Yo
Also known as The Promise
Genre Romance
Created by Olivia M. Lamasan
Henry King Quitain
Based on Pangako Sa 'Yo (2000–2002)
Developed by Malou N. Santos
Des M. de Guzman
Written by Generiza Reyes
Ceres Helga Barrios
Adam Cornelius Asin
Directed by Rory B. Quintos
Dado C. Lumibao
Olivia M. Lamasan
Cathy Garcia-Molina
Richard I. Arellano
Mae Cruz-Alviar
Richard Somes
Will Fredo
Starring Kathryn Bernardo
Daniel Padilla
Jodi Sta. Maria
Angelica Panganiban
Ian Veneracion
Narrated by Jodi Sta. Maria as Amor de Jesus
Opening theme Pangako Sa 'Yo
by Vina Morales
Composer(s) Rey Valera
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino, English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 190 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s) Kristine P. Sioson
Sabrina Kristine M. Prince
Producer(s) Myleen H. Ongkiko
Location(s) Philippines
Editor(s) Rommel Malimban
Froilan Francia
Running time 30-45 minutes
Production company(s) Star Creatives
Original network ABS-CBN
Picture format 480i SDTV
1080i HDTV
Original release May 25, 2015 (2015-05-25) – February 12, 2016 (2016-02-12)
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Pangako Sa 'Yo (Lit: This I Promise You / English: The Promise) is a 2015 Philippine romantic melodrama television series based on the 2000 Filipino soap opera of the same title that starred Kristine Hermosa, Jericho Rosales, Eula Valdez, Jean Garcia, Tonton Gutierrez, and Jodi Sta. Maria, who currently stars in the remake as Amor Powers. Directed by Rory Quintos, Dado Lumibao and Olivia Lamasan, it is topbilled by Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Jodi Sta. Maria, Angelica Panganiban, and Ian Veneracion.[1][2][3][4][5][6] The series aired on ABS-CBN and worldwide on The Filipino Channel from May 25, 2015 to February 12, 2016, succeeding Forevermore.[7]


The story begins with Amor de Jesus (Jodi Sta. Maria), a nursing student whose dream was to become a chef. She was a scholar of Buena Mines, a mining company owned by the Buenavista family, in the town of Punta Verde. To aid her family with expenses, she cooks and sells food to generate income. She frequently sells her food at the Buena Mines corporate offices, where Eduardo Buenavista (Ian Veneracion), the eldest Buenavista son, works.

Amor confronts Eduardo regarding the mining of her hometown that kills workers and is afraid that more people, including her father, would be casualties. Amor and Eduardo then develop a friendship that turns into romance, much to his younger brother Diego's (Bernard Palanca) despair. Meanwhile, Doña Benita Buenavista (Pilar Pilapil) refuses to accept Amor and Eduardo's their relationship. She forces Eduardo to marry Claudia Salameda (Angelica Panganiban), the illegitimate child of the incumbent governor of Punta Verde for business purposes.

Claudia has lived with her physically impaired mother and was joyous of having to marry Eduardo for a better life, even though she is in love with Simon (Alex Medina). She promises Simon that she will continue seeing him once she is married. Eduardo refuses to marry Claudia, and Diego puts himself forward to marry Claudia instead for the family. Claudia becomes upset and consummates her love with Simon - Eduardo consummates with Amor.

After publicly announcing the engagement of Eduardo and Claudia without Eduardo's knowledge and consent, Amor becomes heartbroken. Diego rushes to her side. He visits her constantly to explain that his brother was not at fault. One day, he picks her up from school and insists that he just wants to comfort her. He becomes drunk, admits that he has always been in love with her and rapes her. Claudia had followed the two and witnessed the entire scene, not stopping Diego.

Diego is put to prison and is influenced by his mother not to tell Eduardo the truth. Desperate to not be jailed, Diego insists Amor was lying and he did not rape her. Amor goes to Eduardo against her father's (Boboy Garovillo) and best friend Betty Mae's (Erika Padilla) wishes. She asks him if believes her. Eduardo, hurt by a previous relationship could not make up his mind. However, during his engagement party, he realized that he could not leave Amor and rushes to her house to beg her to forgive him only to find that he was too late. The De Jesus family no longer lived there, unknown to him that his own mother Dona Benita evicted Amor and her family from the town.

Amor learns she is pregnant. She lives a quiet life with her family and daughter she named Maria Amor. She leaves Maria Amor to her stepmother, father, and stepsiblings, and goes to Hong Kong as a caregiver to fulfill her dream of giving her family a stable life.

The Buenavistas' mining company, now managed by Claudia Buenavista, has been mining in Talimpaw, the town where Amor's family now resides. Claudia refuses to listen to the warnings of the dangers of the mine and forces the miners to work - causing a landslide to occur. This landslipe kills Amor's entire family - except her daughter, who has been saved by a lowly policeman, Francisco Macaspac (Ronnie Lazaro). She is named 'Yna' by the policeman, after noticing the broken necklace she wore - 'Yna", originally 'Ynamorata', a gift of promise from Eduardo to Amor.

Maria Amor was misidentified by Betty Mae when she saw the dead bodies of Amor's stepmother (Sharmaine Suarez) and neighbor Irma's (Rubi Rubi) daughter. She tells Amor that her entire family has died. Amor returns to the Philippines to the now-ruined Talimpaw, swearing that one day she will avenge all that has happened to her family.

Twenty years later, Maria Amor - now Yna Macaspac (Kathryn Bernardo), is as kind hearted and hard working as her mother. The Macaspac family that adopted her is poor but good mannered.

Eduardo (now the Governor of Punta Verde) and Claudia have two children: Angelo (Daniel Padilla) and Lia (Andrea Brillantes). Fate brings Yna to meet Angelo.

Just like her mother, Yna's passion is cooking. She works as a chef in Angelo's restaurant, Casa Corazon. Angelo's restaurant gives Yna a scholarship to properly study. Soon Angelo and Yna fall in love - and despite Claudia's attempts to ruin and sabotage Yna - fights for their love together.

Meanwhile, Amor returns to the Philippines from the United States as Amor Powers, a widow of a wealthy but abusive American businessman. Amor has returned to avenge the death of her family by destroying the Buenavistas, which unwittingly will hurt her own daughter, Yna, in the process. An all-out war begins between Amor Powers and Claudia Buenavista.[8]

Cast and characters

Main cast

Supporting and extended cast

Special participation

Differences from the original

Original Version Remake
Yna was a maid at the mansion of the Buenavistas, where Angelo lived. Later in the story, Yna worked as a secretary for Amor Powers and later on, a model in Book 1 and disc jockey in Book 2. Yna first worked as an assistant cook at the restaurant Casa Corazon. Later on, Yna meets Amor, who helped her and sent her abroad to study. When she returned, Yna became a co-owner of the restaurant where Angelo is employed as a baker.
Claudia was a rich heiress of the Zalameda clan who is made to marry Eduardo Buenavista, played by Tonton Gutierrez. Claudia was an impoverished, ill-mannered lady who transforms into a rich, ambitious woman. She dreamt of having a better life, which is why she grabbed the chance to marry Eduardo.
Diego is adoptive son of the Buenavistas. Diego is now biological son of the Buenavistas.
Amor screamed out of anger for the Buenavistas in the Payatas dumpsite. A landslide occurred that made her believe that her child was buried alive. Amor was devastated to learn that her family and her child Maria Amor died in an earthquake/landslide.
Chayong is the biological mother of Amor and also Yna's grandmother. Chayong is now a stepmother of Amor in this series, but Myrna is her biological mother (in a photograph).
"Ynamorata" was the named of Maria Amor's bracelet when she suvived and found by Macaspac family. "Ynamorata" was the named of Maria Amor's broken pendant when Isko was found her.
Bea Bianca (later, Elektrika Powers) was played by Vanessa del Bianco. She is the daughter of Amor's deceased husband, James. Bea Bianca Bejerrano was the sister of Angelo's best friend Jasper.
Claudia was believed to be dead after the helicopter that she was riding suddenly exploded. Claudia was believed to be dead when she met a car accident together with Caloy and Diego.
Aside from Angelo and David, Yna had two other suitors, namely Dino (Alfred Vargas) and Ruel (Dennis Trillo). David is the lone rival of Angelo competing for Yna's heart.
David was a neighbor and childhood friend of Yna. David was the adopted son of Amor.
David was disappeared in a Book 1 when he offer his job as a seaman. David was killed by Claudia.
Julieta was stabbed by Claudia her left eye. Julieta has no stabbed in this series.
Yna has a younger sister named Flerida (Hazel Ann Mendoza). Yna has a younger brother named Red.
The characters of Felicity Banks, Tony Banks, Dyno and Edelweiss were introduced in the second chapter. The characters of Monay, Ligaya, Ichu, Kabayan and Lolo Greggy were introduced in the second chapter.
Clarissa (Dianne dela Fuente) was the Maria Amor impostor. There was no impostor.
Diego is the biological father of Angelo while Clarissa is the biological child of Claudia and Simon. Simon is the biological father of Angelo.
Lourdes was married Diego. Lourdes was unmarried in this series.
Angelo suffered amnesia after he and Felicity Banks got into a car accident. Claudia who suffered amnesia after her car crash.
Jonathan an only child. Jonathan had a brother named Vincent "Amboy".
Jonathan and Lia got married and have one daughter. Jonathan entered the seminary.
Lia had cancer and eventually died in the end of the series. Lia did not have cancer.
Diego became the governor of Punta Verde. Diego was killed by Claudia.
Isko was kidnapped and killed by Claudia's goons. Isko was still alive during the final episode.



(08:40PM PST)
34.0% (May 25, 2015)
44.5% (February 12, 2016)

Awards and nominations

Year Award Giving Body Category Recipient(s) Result Ref.
2015 1st GIC Innovation Awards for Television Most Innovative Actress Jodi Sta. Maria Nominated [11][12]
29th PMPC Star Awards for Television Best Drama Actor Daniel Padilla Nominated [13]
Best Drama Actress Angelica Panganiban Nominated
Jodi Sta. Maria Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Ronnie Lazaro Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Amy Austria-Ventura Nominated
1st RAWR Awards TV Show of the Year Pangako Sa 'Yo Nominated [14][15][16]
Character of the Year (as Amor Powers) Jodi Sta. Maria Nominated
Character of the Year (as Claudia Buenavista) Angelica Panganiban Nominated
QOTY (Quote of the Year)
"Matitikman ninyo ang batas ng isang api!" – Amor Powers
Jodi Sta. Maria Nominated
6th TV Series Craze Awards TV Series Craze Award for Leading Lady of the Year Jodi Sta. Maria Won [17]
TV Series Craze Award for Leading Man of the Year Ian Veneracion Won [18]
2016 2016 Gawad Tanglaw Awards Best Performance by an Actress (TV Series) Jodi Sta. Maria Won [19]
2016 International Emmy Awards International Emmy Award for Best Actress Jodi Sta. Maria Pending [20]

International broadcast

The series began airing in Indonesia on November 21, 2016, on MNCTV.[21] It also aired in Cambodia on CTN, Peru on Panamericana Television, and in African Countries.

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