Panga Cliff

Panga cliff viewed from the sea.
Geologists studying the Jaani Formation (Silurian, Wenlock) at Panga Cliff, Estonia.

Panga Cliff (Estonian: Panga pank) (also Mustjala cliff) is a coastal cliff located on the northern shore of Saaremaa, at the end of the Kuressaare - Võhma road, close to Panga village. It is the highest of the Saaremaa and Muhu cliffs, reaching a height of 20 metres.[1] The entire cliff is approximately 2.5 km long.[2]

Panga cliff consists of at least three terraces - besides the main cliff, there is a smaller cliff with a height of few metres further inland and underwater cliff with height about 10–12 metres few hundred metres into the sea.


58°34′13″N 22°17′17″E / 58.570177°N 22.287998°E / 58.570177; 22.287998Coordinates: 58°34′13″N 22°17′17″E / 58.570177°N 22.287998°E / 58.570177; 22.287998

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