Palmer Archipelago

Palmer Archipelago

Map of Palmer Archipelago, showing its location in Antarctica

Location Antarctica
Coordinates 64°15′S 62°50′W / 64.250°S 62.833°W / -64.250; -62.833Coordinates: 64°15′S 62°50′W / 64.250°S 62.833°W / -64.250; -62.833
Population Data not available
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Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System
Map of Gerlache Strait and Palmer Archipelago, Cartographic base: Antarctic Digital Database

Palmer Archipelago, also known as Antarctic Archipelago, Archipiélago Palmer, Antarktiske Arkipel or Palmer Inseln, is a group of islands off the northwestern coast of the Antarctic Peninsula. It extends from Tower Island in the north to Anvers Island in the south. It is separated by the Gerlache and Bismarck straits from the Antarctic Peninsula and Wilhelm Archipelago respectively.[1]

Palmer Archipelago is located at 64°15′S 62°50′W / 64.250°S 62.833°W / -64.250; -62.833.


Adrien de Gerlache, leader of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition (1897–1899), discovered the archipelago in 1898. He named it Archipelago Palmer for Captain Nathaniel Palmer, who navigated these waters in 1820.[1]

Both Argentina and the United Kingdom have operated research stations there.


The archipelago includes:

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