Coordinates: 31°56′0″N 34°42′23″E / 31.93333°N 34.70639°E / 31.93333; 34.70639Coordinates: 31°56′0″N 34°42′23″E / 31.93333°N 34.70639°E / 31.93333; 34.70639
District Southern
Council Gan Raveh
Affiliation Kibbutz Movement
Founded 11 April 1949
Founded by Palmach veterans
Population (2015)[1] 604
Palmachim desalination plant

Palmachim (Hebrew: פַּלְמַחִים) is a kibbutz in central Israel. Located about ten kilometers south of the Tel Aviv area along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, among the sand dunes, it falls under the jurisdiction of Gan Raveh Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 604.


Palmachim was established on 11 April 1949 by former members of the Palmach underground organization's Yiftach Brigade,[2] on land near the depopulated Arab village of Nabi Rubin.[3]

In 2004 the kibbutz way of life was changed, with members becoming responsible for their own incomes. In 2006 former residents of Elei Sinai, an Israeli settlement in the Gaza Strip evicted during the disengagement plan protested to the government until they were allowed to move to the kibbutz. In 2011, 25 families evicted from Elei Sinai (48 persons) were accepted as members to the kibbutz. In 2013, they began building their homes in Palmachim.


The kibbutz produces agricultural goods and is home to high tech companies.


The ruins of ancient Yavne's seaport, Yavneh-Yam, are located nearby, and its archaeological findings are on display in the kibbutz's small museum.

There are also plans to build a 350-apartment holiday resort on Palmachim beach, though this has led to several protests and was delayed.[4]


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