Pallene (Chalcidice)

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Headland of Pallene in ancient Chalcidice

Pallene (Greek: Παλλήνη) is the ancient name of the westernmost of the three headlands of Chalcidice, which run out into the Aegean Sea. Its modern name is Kassandra Peninsula (Χερσόνησος Κασσάνδρας). It is said to have anciently borne the name of Phlegra (Φλέγρα)[1] and to have witnessed the conflict between the gods and the earthborn Gigantes.[2] The modern name of the peninsula is Kassandra, which, besides affording excellent winter pasture for cattle and sheep, also produces an abundance of grain of superior quality, as well as wool, honey, and wax, besides raising silkworms.[3] In antiquity, Pallene was the site of numerous towns: Sane, Mende, Scione, Therambos, Aege, Neapolis, Aphytis, which were either wholly or partly colonies from Eretria.

Strabo[4] mentions the following five cities of Pallene in the 1st century BC (Cassandreia, Aphytis, Mende, Scione and Sane).


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Coordinates: 40°01′N 23°27′E / 40.02°N 23.45°E / 40.02; 23.45

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