Pallarcocha with Coropuna in the background
Location Peru
Arequipa Region
Coordinates 15°34′34″S 72°43′20″W / 15.57611°S 72.72222°W / -15.57611; -72.72222Coordinates: 15°34′34″S 72°43′20″W / 15.57611°S 72.72222°W / -15.57611; -72.72222
Surface elevation 4,740 m (15,550 ft)

Pallarcocha or Pallaqucha (Quechua palla, dame, lady, mature woman of the Inca nobility, and qucha, lake,[1] hispanicized spellings Pallacocha, Pallarcocha) is a small lake in Peru located in the Arequipa Region, Condesuyos Province, Andaray District.[2] It is situated at a height of about 4,740 metres (15,550 ft), west of the Coropuna volcano.


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  2. Map of the area

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