Palacio Quemado

The Palacio Quemado, La Paz

The Palacio Quemado is a popular name to denote the Bolivian Palace of Government, located on Plaza Murillo in downtown La Paz. It is the official residence of the President of Bolivia.

The building has had many incarnations. Its nickname ("Palacio Quemado," or "Burned Palace") originates from the fact that it was set aflame and burned almost to the ground during an uprising in 1875.[1] It has since been rebuilt and revamped a number of times, but the name stuck. The Palacio Quemado is located next to the Cathedral of La Paz, and right across the Legislative Palace, where the Bolivian Congress operates.


The lamppost where Gualberto Villarroel was hanged

The Palacio Quemado earned its nickname of the "Burnt Palace" in 1875, when it was badly damaged during a violent revolution.[2] Rebels, who opposed then-President Tomás Frías Ametller, set the palace alight after they failed to storm it.[2]

In front of the Palacio Quemado is the bust of former-President Gualberto Villarroel, who was dragged into the plaza by an angry mob and hanged by a lamppost in 1946.[2][3]


The buildings were completed in 1825.[2]


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