Pakubuwono XIII

The title Pakubuwono XIII represents the thirteenth Susuhunan (ruler of Surakarta); the sultanate previously had two claimants.

Upon the death of Pakubuwono XII there was no clear heir as there was no official queen installed. Two half-brothers who are sons of Pakubuwono XII claimed the throne.[1][2]

The older, Hangabehi, took control of the kraton (palace) and expelled his younger half-brother Tedjowulan; each had himself crowned, and they held separate tomb-sealing rituals for their father.[3] However the family consensus has now acknowledged that Hangabehi is the rightful heir and he is now titled SISKS Pakubuwono XIII.[4]

On 18–19 July 2009 there was a ceremony in the kraton where the enthronement anniversary was conducted with the sacred Bedoyo Dance performed especially for the ceremony. The attendees consists of various local and foreign dignitaries as well as Hangabehi half brother Tejowulan.

The 'separate groups' within the Surakarta palace still conflict and events in 2014, and 2016 show continuing conflict [5]

Preceded by
Pakubuwono XII
Susuhunan of Surakarta
2004 -
Succeeded by


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