For subdistrict with same name, see Pakualaman (subdistrict).

Pakualaman (also written Paku Alaman) is a small hereditary Duchy within the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. It was created in 1812 when Natakusuma (later Paku Alam I) was rewarded for helping the British quell the conflict in Yogyakarta in June 1812. It became the mirror-image of the Mangkunegaran principality in the territory of the Susuhunanate of Surakarta.

Location of Pakualaman within the Yogakarta Sultanate.

A Pakualaman Corps of 100 cavalry (later 50 cavalry and 100 infantry) was established, but was never to become as significant as the Mangkunegaran Legion, and disbanded in 1892.

Due to Paku Alam VIII's role in the Indonesian independence movement, a law was passed to give the position of vice-governor of the Yogyakarta Special Region to the ruling Paku Alam prince at any particular time. Meanwhile, the Sultans of Yogyakarta were to hold the governor's office hereditarily.

List of rulers

Meaning of Paku Alam

The name Paku Alam translates literally into "Nail of the universe" or "Nail of the world" in English (paku means "nail" and alam means "universe" or "world").


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