Paegam County

Paegam County
Korean transcription(s)
  McCune-Reischauer Paegam-gun
  Revised Romanization Baegam-gun
Country North Korea
Province Ryanggang
Administrative divisions 1 ŭp, 19 workers' districts, 4 ri

Paegam County is a kun, or county, in Ryanggang province, North Korea.


The terrain is mountainous, as Paegam lies atop the Paektu Plateau, site of Korea's highest mountains. The Hamgyŏng and Machŏllyŏng ranges pass through the county; the highest point is Kwesangbong. There are many streams; the chief of these is the Sodusu (서두수). There are also wetlands; ome 91% of the county's area is forestland.

Administrative Divisions

Paegam county is divided into 1 ŭp (town), 19 rodongjagu (workers' districts) and 4 ri (villages):

  • Paegam-ŭp (백암읍/白岩邑)
  • Chŭngsal-lodongjagu (증산로동자구/甑山勞動者區)
  • Ch'ŏngbong-rodongjagu (청봉로동자구/靑峰勞動者區)
  • Ch'ŏnsu-rodongjagu (천수로동자구/天水勞動者區)
  • Kwangdŏng-rodongjagu (광덕로동자구/廣德勞動者區)
  • Okch'ŏl-lodongjagu (옥천로동자구/玉川勞動者區)
  • Paegam-rodongjagu (백암로동자구/白岩勞動者區)
  • Pakch'ŏl-lodongjagu (박천로동자구/博川勞動者區)
  • Puhŭng-rodongjagu (부흥로동자구/復興勞動者區)
  • Samsup'yŏng-rodonjagu (삼수평로동자구/三水坪勞動者區)
  • Sanyang-rodongjagu (산양로동자구/山羊勞動者區)
  • Sebong-rodongjagu (세봉로동자구/세봉勞動者區)
  • Taet'aeng-rodongjagu (대택로동자구/大澤勞動者區)
  • Tonggye-rodongjagu (동계로동자구/東溪勞動者區)
  • Tŏngrim-rodongjagu (덕립로동자구/德立勞動者區)
  • Ŭndŏng-rodongjagu (은덕로동자구/恩德勞動者區)
  • Wŏnbong-rodongjagu (원봉로동자구/円峰勞動者區)
  • Yanghŭng-rodongjagu (양흥로동자구/陽興勞動者區)
  • Yŏlwŏlsib'o-rodongjagu (October 15 Workers' District) (10월15일로동자구/10月15日勞動者區)
  • Yup'yŏng-rodongjagu (유평로동자구/楡坪勞動者區)
  • Hwangt'o-ri (황토리/黃土里)
  • Sangdam-ri (상담리/上潭里)
  • Sŏdu-ri (서두리/西頭里)
  • Yanggong-ri (양곡리/陽谷里)


Due to its inland location, the county has a severely cold continental climate. Paegam also has the highest wind speeds of any district in North Korea.


Mining and logging are important local industries. Mineral resources in the county include magnesite, alunite, kaolinite, copper, dolomite, tungsten, lead, zinc, gold and peat. Agriculture also plays a role, although only 4% of the county's land is cultivated. Local crops include wheat, barley, potatoes and soybeans. Livestock are also raised.


Paegam is connected to the national road and rail grids; the Paektusan Ch'ŏngnyŏn and Paengmu lines of the Korean State Railway pass through the county.

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