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A shipping list, packing list, waybill, packing slip (also known as a bill of parcel, unpacking note, packaging slip, (delivery) docket, delivery list, manifest or customer receipt),[1][2][3] is a shipping document that accompanies delivery packages, usually inside an attached shipping pouch or inside the package itself. It commonly includes an itemized detail of the package contents and does not include customer pricing. It serves to inform all parties, including transport agencies, government authorities, and customers, about the contents of the package. It helps them deal with the package accordingly.


An invoice goes to the person responsible for paying the bill while the shipping list (or packaging slip) goes to the recipient. The shipping list is included in the shipped box. In some scenarios, the same person will pay the bill and receive the shipment. However, a person can buy and pay for a product and send it to someone else (i.e. a gift).[4]

Shipping List Details

Shipping lists vary depending on the business and its products. Every shipment to a customer should contain a shipping list that includes the order date, the products included within the box, and the quantity of each product. Some businesses may want to include the weight of the product next to the item. Many receivers use the shipping list as a guide or checklist when unpacking their order. If something is missing from the box, they cross-check it with the shipping list and then alert the seller.[5]

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