Packhorse bridge

Essex Bridge, a packhorse bridge across the River Trent
Medieval packhorse bridge crossing the Almofrei at Cotobade, Galicia

A packhorse bridge is a bridge intended to carry packhorses (horses loaded with sidebags or panniers) across a river or stream. Typically a packhorse bridge consists of one or more narrow (one horse wide) masonry arches, and has low parapets so as not to interfere with the horse's panniers.[1] Multi-arched examples sometimes have triangular cutwaters that are extended upwards to form pedestrian refuges.[2]:24–25

Packhorse bridges were often built on the trade routes (often called packhorse routes) that formed major transport arteries across Europe and Great Britain until the coming of the turnpike roads and canals in the 18th century.[1] Before the road-building efforts of Napoleon, all crossings of the Alps were on packhorse trails.[3] Travellers' carriages were dismantled and transported over the mountain passes by ponies and mule trains.


In the British Isles at least, the definition of a packhorse bridge is somewhat nebulous. Ernest Hinchliffe discusses the difficulty of defining a true packhorse bridge in A Guide to the Packhorse Bridges of England.[2] He claims that "before the eighteenth century bridges were described as 'horse bridges' or 'cart bridges'" and his strict definition excludes the latter. He suggests that a classic packhorse bridge should generally be:

He categorises the 190 English bridges listed in his book into three groups:

The difficulty of classification is illustrated by Moulton Bridge in Suffolk, which Hinchliffe places in Group 1 but which English Heritage describe as "perhaps not strictly a packhorse bridge since it was wide enough to take carts".[4]

List of packhorse bridges in the British Isles

The following list includes all Listed Buildings described as packhorse bridges by English Heritage, Cadw or Historic Scotland; all 106 of Hinchliffe's Group 1 bridges in England; and certain other candidates. (For England, Hinchliffe's Group numbers are given as superscripts after the bridge name.)


County Location NameGroup Photograph Crosses Notes
Bedfordshire Sutton
52°06′42″N 0°13′08″W / 52.1117°N 0.2190°W / 52.1117; -0.2190
Sutton Packhorse Bridge1
Potton Brook Medieval with later repairs; two pointed arches. Grade II* listed,[5] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[6]
Cheshire Crowton
53°16′13″N 2°37′34″W / 53.2702°N 2.6262°W / 53.2702; -2.6262
Acton Brook Single segmental arch. Carries public bridleway.
Cheshire Hockenhull Platts
53°11′10″N 2°47′05″W / 53.1861°N 2.7848°W / 53.1861; -2.7848
Roman Bridges1
River Gowy Three bridges, "probably late 18th-century"[7] or "late 17th-century".[8] Grade II listed.[7][9] The three bridges carry a public byway.
Cheshire Quarry Bank Mill, Styal
53°20′38″N 2°15′01″W / 53.3440°N 2.2503°W / 53.3440; -2.2503
The Packhorse Bridge
River Bollin 1820, single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[10] Carries a public byway.
Cheshire/Derbyshire Three Shire Heads
53°12′50″N 1°59′15″W / 53.2139°N 1.9875°W / 53.2139; -1.9875
Three Shire Heads Bridge2
River Dane Probably late 18th-century; single span. Grade II listed.[11] Carries public byway.
Cornwall Bowithick
50°36′55″N 4°34′09″W / 50.6154°N 4.5691°W / 50.6154; -4.5691
Bowithick Bridge
Penpont Water Probably early 19th-century; three stone arches, one larger and two small. Grade II listed.[12]
Cornwall Launceston
50°38′29″N 4°21′58″W / 50.641492°N 4.366202°W / 50.641492; -4.366202
West Bridge (Prior's Bridge)
River Kensey Late medieval; five-span bridge with two cut-waters. Grade I listed.[13]
Cumbria Ambleside
54°27′09″N 2°57′33″W / 54.4525°N 2.9592°W / 54.4525; -2.9592
High Sweden Bridge1
Scandale Beck Late 17th-century; single-span. Grade II listed.[14] Carries public footpath.
Cumbria Barbon
54°13′50″N 2°35′37″W / 54.2306°N 2.5937°W / 54.2306; -2.5937
High Beckfoot Bridge1 Barbon Beck Probably late 17th- or 18th-century; described as "ruinous" in 1725.[8] Single-span. Grade II listed.[15] Carries public bridleway.
Cumbria Dean
54°37′29″N 3°27′33″W / 54.6246°N 3.4592°W / 54.6246; -3.4592
Calva Hall packhorse bridge1
River Marron Dated 1697;[2]:38 single-span. Grade II listed.[16]
Cumbria Drigg
54°22′32″N 3°25′21″W / 54.3756°N 3.4224°W / 54.3756; -3.4224
Drigg Holme Packhorse Bridge1
River Irt Single-span. Scheduled Ancient Monument.[17] Carries public bridleway.
Cumbria Eskdale
54°23′44″N 3°15′00″W / 54.3956°N 3.2499°W / 54.3956; -3.2499
Doctor[s] Bridge2
River Esk Probably 17th-century, widened in 1734. Grade II listed.[18] Carries public road.
Cumbria Gaisgill
54°27′10″N 2°33′39″W / 54.4527°N 2.5609°W / 54.4527; -2.5609
Barugh Bridge1 Rais Gill Probably 18th-century, but maybe earlier. Grade II listed.[19] Carries public byway.
Cumbria Knock
54°39′02″N 2°28′45″W / 54.6506°N 2.4791°W / 54.6506; -2.4791
Swindale Beck Possibly 17th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[20]
Cumbria Little Langdale
54°25′04″N 3°03′42″W / 54.4178°N 3.0616°W / 54.4178; -3.0616
Slater[s] Bridge1
River Brathay 17th-century; two clapper slabs and a single arch. Grade II* listed.[21] Carries public footpath.
Cumbria Lowgill
54°21′44″N 2°35′32″W / 54.3621°N 2.5921°W / 54.3621; -2.5921
Lowgill Packhorse Bridge
Lowgill Beck Probably 17th- or 18th-century; single-span. Grade II listed.[22]
Cumbria Pennington
54°12′24″N 3°08′28″W / 54.2066°N 3.1411°W / 54.2066; -3.1411
Devil's Bridge1 Rathmoss Beck 17th- or 18th-century; single-span. Grade II listed.[23] Alongside public road.
Cumbria Sca Fell
54°25′20″N 3°11′32″W / 54.4221°N 3.1923°W / 54.4221; -3.1923
Lingcove or Throstlegarth Bridge1
Lingcove Beck Single arch. On Open Access land.
Cumbria Seathwaite, Allerdale
54°29′16″N 3°10′59″W / 54.4877°N 3.1830°W / 54.4877; -3.1830
Stockley Bridge2
Grains Gill Early- or mid-18th-century; single span. Grade II listed.[24] Carries public bridleway.
Cumbria Shap
54°32′11″N 2°43′11″W / 54.5364°N 2.7197°W / 54.5364; -2.7197
Parish Crag Bridge1
Swindale Beck Probably 18th-century; single span. Grade II listed.[25] Carries public footpath.
Cumbria Shap
54°32′16″N 2°45′05″W / 54.5378°N 2.7515°W / 54.5378; -2.7515
Park Bridge2
Haweswater Beck 1860–69; single span.[26] Carries public footpath.
Cumbria Stainton
54°16′00″N 2°43′58″W / 54.2666°N 2.7327°W / 54.2666; -2.7327
packhorse bridge1 Stainton Beck Probably 17th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[27] Adjacent to ford.
Cumbria Ullock
54°36′07″N 3°25′54″W / 54.6020°N 3.4318°W / 54.6020; -3.4318
packhorse bridge1 Black Beck Single span.[2]:52
Cumbria Wasdale Head
54°28′06″N 3°15′24″W / 54.4682°N 3.2567°W / 54.4682; -3.2567
Row Bridge1
Mosedale Beck Probably 18th-century; single span. Grade II listed.[28]
Cumbria Watendlath
54°32′14″N 3°07′17″W / 54.5371°N 3.1214°W / 54.5371; -3.1214
Watendlath Packhorse Bridge1
Watendlath Beck 18th-century; single span. Grade II listed.[29] Carries public bridleway.
Cumbria Wilton
54°28′44″N 3°26′46″W / 54.4790°N 3.4460°W / 54.4790; -3.4460
Monk's Bridge1
River Calder Probably 17th- or 18th-century; single span. Also known as High Wath Bridge, Mattie Benn's Bridge, Hannah Benn Bridge and Roman Bridge.[2]:46 Grade II listed.[30]
Cumbria Winster
54°20′27″N 2°54′18″W / 54.3408°N 2.9051°W / 54.3408; -2.9051
tributary of River Winster Probably 17th-century. Grade II listed.[31] Adjacent to A5074 road.
Cumbria Winster
54°19′37″N 2°54′08″W / 54.3269°N 2.9021°W / 54.3269; -2.9021
Winster Bridge1 River Winster 1729 with 20th-century parapet; single span. Grade II listed.[32]
Derbyshire Ashford-in-the-Water
53°13′24″N 1°42′37″W / 53.2232°N 1.7104°W / 53.2232; -1.7104
Sheepwash Bridge2
River Wye 18th-century; three low arches, with integral walled sheep pen on southern bank. Grade II* listed,[33] Scheduled Ancient Monument.
Derbyshire Bakewell
53°13′03″N 1°40′44″W / 53.2175°N 1.6788°W / 53.2175; -1.6788
Holme Bridge1
River Wye 1664; five segmental arches. Grade I listed,[34] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[35] Carries public bridleway.
Derbyshire Edale
53°22′16″N 1°48′58″W / 53.3710°N 1.8161°W / 53.3710; -1.8161
Gibraltar Bridge1
Grindsbrook 18th-century; single span. Grade II listed.[36] Carries public footpath.
Derbyshire Edale
53°22′20″N 1°52′07″W / 53.3721°N 1.8687°W / 53.3721; -1.8687
Youngate or Jacob's Ladder Bridge1
River Noe Possibly 17th-century; single span. Grade II listed.[37] Carries public bridleway (part of the Pennine Way).
Derbyshire nr Errwood Hall
53°15′23″N 1°58′55″W / 53.2563°N 1.9820°W / 53.2563; -1.9820
Goyts Bridge1
River Goyt Moved to current position in 1968 from Goyt's Bridge hamlet. In open access land.
Derbyshire Hayfield
53°22′48″N 1°55′35″W / 53.3801°N 1.9263°W / 53.3801; -1.9263
Bowden Bridge1
River Kinder Probably 18th-century; single-span. Grade II listed.[38] Carries public footpath.
Derbyshire/Staffordshire Hollinsclough
53°11′56″N 1°54′26″W / 53.1988°N 1.9072°W / 53.1988; -1.9072
Hopping Packhorse Bridge1
River Dove Single semicircular arch.[2]:114–115 Carries public bridleway.
Derbyshire/Staffordshire Hollinsclough
53°12′12″N 1°55′24″W / 53.2034°N 1.9232°W / 53.2034; -1.9232
Washgate Bridge1
River Dove Early 18th-century; single-span. Grade II listed, "A rare example of a perfectly preserved packhorse bridge."[39] Carries public byway.
Derbyshire/South Yorkshire Howden Reservoir
53°27′09″N 1°44′48″W / 53.4526°N 1.7467°W / 53.4526; -1.7467
Slippery Stones Bridge2
River Derwent 1672; two segmental arches. Rebuilt 1959 after relocation from Derwent village. Grade II listed,[40] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[41] Carries public bridleway.
Derbyshire Lea Hall
53°03′28″N 1°42′26″W / 53.0577°N 1.7073°W / 53.0577; -1.7073
Bradbourne Brook 17th-century or earlier; single pointed arch. Formerly Grade II listed, now delisted.[42] On private land.
Derbyshire/South Yorkshire Longdendale
53°29′46″N 1°47′42″W / 53.4962°N 1.7950°W / 53.4962; -1.7950
Ladyshaw Bridge
Salter's Brook 17th-century; single-span. Carries public byway, part of the Trans-Pennine Trail.
Derbyshire/Staffordshire Milldale
53°05′20″N 1°47′38″W / 53.0890°N 1.7938°W / 53.0890; -1.7938
Viator's Bridge1
River Dove 17th-century or earlier; two segmental arches. Grade II listed.[43] Carries public footpath. Mentioned in The Compleat Angler (1653) by Izaak Walton.
Derbyshire Youlgreave
53°10′24″N 1°40′48″W / 53.1732°N 1.6799°W / 53.1732; -1.6799
Bradford Packhorse Bridge1
River Bradford 18th-century, single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[44] Carries public bridleway.
Derbyshire Youlgreave
53°11′00″N 1°40′49″W / 53.1833°N 1.6804°W / 53.1833; -1.6804
Coalpit Bridge1
River Lathkill Mid-18th-century; three segmental arches. Grade II listed.[45] Carries public bridleway.
Devon Brendon
51°13′14″N 3°45′50″W / 51.2205°N 3.7639°W / 51.2205; -3.7639
Packhorse Bridge
East Lyn River Probably 17th- or 18th-century; single round arch. Grade II listed.[46]
Devon Drewsteignton
50°41′44″N 3°46′52″W / 50.6955°N 3.7810°W / 50.6955; -3.7810
Fingle Bridge
River Teign 17th-century Grade II* listed three-arch granite bridge carrying unclassified road with pedestrian refuges over cutwaters.[47]
Devon Membury
50°48′30″N 3°02′39″W / 50.8082°N 3.0442°W / 50.8082; -3.0442
Beckford Bridge1
River Yarty 18th- or 19th-century; single-span. Grade II listed,[48] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[49]
Devon Sidford
50°42′10″N 3°13′22″W / 50.7029°N 3.2229°W / 50.7029; -3.2229
Sidford Bridge1
River Sid Said to be 12th-century. Grade II listed. Parapets of original packhorse bridge incorporated into widened road bridge of 1930 carrying A3052 road.[50]
Devon Westcott Barton
Marwood, Devon
51°07′37″N 4°06′03″W / 51.1269°N 4.1007°W / 51.1269; -4.1007
Knowl Water Probably 18th- or early 19th-century. Grade II listed.[51] Carries public footpath.
Dorset near Corfe Castle
50°39′45″N 2°02′55″W / 50.6626°N 2.0485°W / 50.6626; -2.0485
Sharford Bridge1
Corfe River Scheduled Ancient Monument.[52] Carries public bridleway.
Dorset Fifehead Neville
50°53′57″N 2°19′33″W / 50.8993°N 2.3257°W / 50.8993; -2.3257
Fifehead Neville Packhorse Bridge1
River Divelish Probably medieval. Grade II listed; two pointed arches.[53] Carries footpath alongside ford on public road.
Dorset Gussage St Michael
50°54′45″N 2°01′42″W / 50.9126°N 2.0282°W / 50.9126; -2.0282
packhorse bridge
River Allen Probably 18th-century; single semicircular arch. Grade II listed.[54] Carries public footpath.
Dorset Holwell
50°54′25″N 2°25′45″W / 50.9069°N 2.4291°W / 50.9069; -2.4291
packhorse bridge1 Caundle Brook Probably medieval, with 19th- and 20th-century alterations. Grade II listed.[55] Carries public bridleway.
Dorset Rampisham
50°49′07″N 2°37′24″W / 50.8187°N 2.6232°W / 50.8187; -2.6232
packhorse bridge1
River Frome 16th- or 17th-century alterations; three pointed arches. Grade II listed.[56] Carries public bridleway.
Dorset Sturminster Marshall
50°48′04″N 2°04′42″W / 50.8010°N 2.0782°W / 50.8010; -2.0782
packhorse bridge1
River Winterborne 17th-century; single cambered arch. Grade II listed.[57] Carries public bridleway.
Dorset Tarrant Monkton
50°52′51″N 2°04′45″W / 50.8808°N 2.0793°W / 50.8808; -2.0793
packhorse bridge1
River Tarrant Probably 17th-century; 3 segmental arches. Grade II listed.[58] Alongside ford on public road.
Durham Bowes
54°32′06″N 1°59′57″W / 54.5350°N 1.9992°W / 54.5350; -1.9992
Nabb Bridge1
Deepdale Beck 1699 per datestone (contra English Heritage listing, which says "Mid C18"); single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[59]
Durham Brafferton
54°34′06″N 1°31′58″W / 54.5682°N 1.5328°W / 54.5682; -1.5328
Ketton Packhorse Bridge1
River Skerne Late 17th- or early 18th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[60]
Durham Cornsay
54°47′39″N 1°46′55″W / 54.7941°N 1.7819°W / 54.7941; -1.7819
Pan Burn Possibly early 18th-century; single wide segmental arch. Grade II listed.[61] On private land.
Durham Egglestone Abbey
54°31′56″N 1°54′19″W / 54.5322°N 1.9052°W / 54.5322; -1.9052
Bow Bridge1
Thorsgill Beck 17th-century; single round arch.[2]:56 Grade II listed.[62]
Durham Headlam
54°33′55″N 1°43′28″W / 54.5653°N 1.7245°W / 54.5653; -1.7245
packhorse bridge1
Headlam or Dyance Beck Probably 18th-century; single round arch. Grade II listed.[63]
Durham West Hope
54°28′44″N 1°57′09″W / 54.4788°N 1.9524°W / 54.4788; -1.9524
West Hope Packhorse Bridge1 Hill or Waitgill Beck Single segmental arch.[2]:59
Essex Feering
51°50′25″N 0°42′26″E / 51.8402°N 0.7071°E / 51.8402; 0.7071
Roman Arches River Blackwater c.1750; seven brick arches. Under restoration.[64]
Gloucestershire Slad
51°46′16″N 2°09′53″W / 51.7711°N 2.1647°W / 51.7711; -2.1647
packhorse bridge1
Dillay Brook Carries public footpath.
Gloucestershire/Warwickshire Todenham
52°02′09″N 1°38′38″W / 52.0357°N 1.6440°W / 52.0357; -1.6440
packhorse bridge1
Knee Brook Possibly 16th-century in origin, rebuilt 18th century; two semicircular arches. Grade II listed.[65] Carries public bridleway.
Gloucestershire Wickwar
51°35′29″N 2°23′22″W / 51.5914°N 2.3895°W / 51.5914; -2.3895
Sturt Bridge1
Little Avon River Also known as Roman Arch. Probably late medieval or 16th-/17th-century; two arches. Grade II listed.[66] Carries public footpath.
Greater Manchester Prestolee
53°33′08″N 2°22′36″W / 53.5523°N 2.3767°W / 53.5523; -2.3767
Prestolee Bridge1
River Irwell Late 18th-century; five semicircular arches with cutwaters. Grade II listed.[67]
Greater Manchester Strines
53°22′58″N 2°03′05″W / 53.3829°N 2.0515°W / 53.3829; -2.0515
Roman Bridge1
River Goyt 18th-century; single segmental span. Grade II listed.[68][69] Carries public bridleway.
Greater Manchester Uppermill
53°33′14″N 2°00′33″W / 53.5540°N 2.0091°W / 53.5540; -2.0091
Diggle Brook "Medieval". Adjacent to Oldham & Ripponden Trust Turnpike bridge (1864)[70] and Brownhill Bridge Mill, which is Grade II listed.[71]
Kent Eynsford
51°22′05″N 0°12′39″E / 51.3680°N 0.2109°E / 51.3680; 0.2109
Eynsford Bridge
River Darent 17th-century, two round arches. Grade II listed.[72]
Lancashire Barrowford
53°51′28″N 2°12′38″W / 53.8577°N 2.2105°W / 53.8577; -2.2105
Higherford Old Bridge2
Pendle Water 16th/17th-century, parapets added 1814–15; single span. Grade II* listed,[73] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[74]
Lancashire Bleasdale
53°54′24″N 2°39′44″W / 53.9066°N 2.6621°W / 53.9066; -2.6621
Brooks Packhorse Bridge1
River Brock Single-span. Listed per Hinchliffe,[2]:61 but not in English Heritage listings.
Lancashire Catlow Bottoms
53°49′22″N 2°10′37″W / 53.8227°N 2.1770°W / 53.8227; -2.1770
packhorse bridge1
Catlow Brook "Perhaps C17"; single semicircular arch. Grade II listed.[75]
Lancashire Capernwray
54°08′27″N 2°43′22″W / 54.1408°N 2.7228°W / 54.1408; -2.7228
River Keer Date uncertain; single semi-elliptical arch. Grade II listed.[76]
Lancashire Wycoller
53°50′58″N 2°06′15″W / 53.8494°N 2.1043°W / 53.8494; -2.1043
Wycoller Packhorse Bridge1
Wycoller Beck 17th-century or perhaps earlier; two segmental arches. Grade II* listed,[77] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[78] Carries a public footpath.
Leicestershire Anstey
52°40′16″N 1°11′05″W / 52.6711°N 1.1847°W / 52.6711; -1.1847
Anstey Bridge1
Rothley Brook Also known as The Old Bridge. Dated by W.G.Hoskins as c. 1500, by Jervoise as late 17th-century, and by English Heritage as 16th/17th-century;[2]:121 five arches. Grade II* listed,[79] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[80] Carries public footpath.
Leicestershire Anstey
52°40′30″N 1°10′43″W / 52.6750°N 1.1785°W / 52.6750; -1.1785
King William's Bridge3
Rothley Brook Probably 17th-century; two round arches. Grade II listed.[81] Carries public bridleway.
Leicestershire Aylestone
52°36′12″N 1°09′46″W / 52.6033°N 1.1629°W / 52.6033; -1.1629
Aylestone Old Bridge1
River Soar Also known as the Roman Bridge. Probably 15th-century; eleven small arches (eight on bridge, three on causeway). Grade II* listed,[82] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[83]
Leicestershire Medbourne
52°31′45″N 0°49′18″W / 52.5292°N 0.8218°W / 52.5292; -0.8218
packhorse bridge1
Medbourne Brook Possibly 13th-century; four arches. Scheduled Ancient Monument.[84]
Leicestershire Rearsby
52°43′27″N 1°02′15″W / 52.7243°N 1.0375°W / 52.7243; -1.0375
Seven Arch Bridge1
Rearsby Brook Pevsner says medieval, but datestone says 1714; seven semicircular arches, one almost buried. Grade II listed.[85]
Leicestershire Thurcaston
52°41′34″N 1°09′57″W / 52.6929°N 1.1658°W / 52.6929; -1.1658
Sandham Bridge1 Rothley Brook Three similar bridges between Thurcaston and Cropston: Sandham Bridge (52°41′34″N 1°09′57″W / 52.6929°N 1.1658°W / 52.6929; -1.1658) and Coffin Bridge (52°41′24″N 1°10′25″W / 52.6900°N 1.1736°W / 52.6900; -1.1736), both with two arches, and a third, single-span, bridge at 52°41′33″N 1°09′56″W / 52.6924°N 1.1655°W / 52.6924; -1.1655. All three are 16th- or 17th-century and separately Grade II listed.[86][87][88]
Lincolnshire Utterby
53°25′10″N 0°02′13″W / 53.4194°N 0.0369°W / 53.4194; -0.0369
Utterby Packhorse Bridge1
14th-century; double chamfered cambered arch. Grade II* listed'[89]
Lincolnshire West Rasen
53°23′22″N 0°24′10″W / 53.3895°N 0.4028°W / 53.3895; -0.4028
Bishop's Bridge1
River Rase 15th-century; three segmental arches. Grade II* listed,[90] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[91]
Norfolk Walsingham
52°53′38″N 0°52′37″E / 52.8940°N 0.8770°E / 52.8940; 0.8770
packhorse bridge1
River Stiffkey Original date unknown, probably reconstructed late 19th century; four small arches. Grade II listed.[92] In grounds of Walsingham Abbey.
Northamptonshire Charwelton
52°12′01″N 1°13′07″W / 52.2003°N 1.2186°W / 52.2003; -1.2186
Charwelton Bridge1
River Cherwell Probably 15th-century; two pointed arches. Grade II listed,[93] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[94] Carries roadside pavement.
Northumberland Ovingham
54°58′02″N 1°52′15″W / 54.9672°N 1.8709°W / 54.9672; -1.8709
Ovingham Packhorse Bridge1
Whittle Burn 18th-century per English Heritage (Hinchliffe says 1698[2]:65); two segmental arches. Grade II listed.[95]
North Yorkshire Aldbrough St John
54°29′51″N 1°41′21″W / 54.4975°N 1.6893°W / 54.4975; -1.6893
packhorse bridge1
Aldbrough Beck Possibly 16th- or 17th-century; three segmental pointed arches. Grade II listed.[96] Carries public footpath.
North Yorkshire Birstwith
54°02′17″N 1°38′29″W / 54.0381°N 1.6415°W / 54.0381; -1.6415
New Bridge1
River Nidd Also known as Haxby Bridge. 1822; single-span. Grade II listed.[97] Carries public right-of-way.
North Yorkshire Boltby
54°16′22″N 1°14′49″W / 54.2728°N 1.2470°W / 54.2728; -1.2470
packhorse bridge1
Gurtof Beck Single semicircular arch.[2]:67
North Yorkshire Clapham
54°07′07″N 2°23′30″W / 54.1185°N 2.3918°W / 54.1185; -2.3918
Brokken Bridge1
Clapham Beck Probably 18th-century; single segmental arch.[98] Carries public footpath.
North Yorkshire Croft-on-Tees
54°29′05″N 1°34′05″W / 54.4848°N 1.5680°W / 54.4848; -1.5680
Clow Beck Packhorse Bridge1
Clow Beck Possibly 15th-century; two segmental arches on differing alignments. Grade II listed.[99] Carries public bridleway.
North Yorkshire Glaisdale
54°26′20″N 0°47′32″W / 54.4389°N 0.7921°W / 54.4389; -0.7921
Beggars Bridge2
River Esk 1619; single segmental arch. Grade II* listed.[100] Carries public footpath.
North Yorkshire Hampsthwaite
54°01′25″N 1°36′17″W / 54.0236°N 1.6048°W / 54.0236; -1.6048
Cockhill Packhorse Bridge1
Cockhill Beck Probably 17th-century; single small semicircular arch. Grade II listed.[101]
North Yorkshire Hubberholme
54°12′18″N 2°06′03″W / 54.2049°N 2.1008°W / 54.2049; -2.1008
Crook Gill Bridge1
Crook Gill Single segmental arch.[2]:72
North Yorkshire Ivelet
54°22′32″N 2°06′16″W / 54.3756°N 2.1045°W / 54.3756; -2.1045
Ivelet Bridge2
River Swale Late 16th-century; single semicircular arch. Grade II* listed.[102]
North Yorkshire Knox nr Harrogate
54°00′54″N 1°33′06″W / 54.0150°N 1.5516°W / 54.0150; -1.5516
Knox or Spruisty Bridge1
Oak Beck 17th- or 18th-century; single slightly pointed arch. Grade II listed.[103]
North Yorkshire Linton
54°03′39″N 2°00′20″W / 54.0607°N 2.0055°W / 54.0607; -2.0055
Redmayne Packhorse Bridge1
Linton or Eller Beck Late 17th- or early 18th-century; single shallow arch with additional flood arch. Grade II listed.[104] Carries public byway alongside ford.
North Yorkshire Norwood
53°57′13″N 1°42′09″W / 53.9535°N 1.7025°W / 53.9535; -1.7025
Dob Park Bridge1
River Washburn Probably early 17th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[105] Carries public byway.
North Yorkshire Pickering
54°13′39″N 0°47′17″W / 54.2274°N 0.7880°W / 54.2274; -0.7880
Ings Bridge1
Pickering Beck Probably early 19th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[106] Adjacent to public road.
North Yorkshire Ravenseat, Swaledale
54°25′32″N 2°12′46″W / 54.4256°N 2.2129°W / 54.4256; -2.2129
Ravenseat Bridge1
Whitsundale Beck 18th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[107] Carries farm access.
North Yorkshire Romanby
54°20′10″N 1°27′03″W / 54.3360°N 1.4509°W / 54.3360; -1.4509
Packhorse Bridge1
Willow Beck 16th-century, repaired 1621; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[108] Carries public footpath.
North Yorkshire Skipton
53°57′40″N 2°00′37″W / 53.9610°N 2.0102°W / 53.9610; -2.0102
Wilderness Beck Probably 17th-century; single arch. Grade II listed.[109] Carries public footpath.
North Yorkshire Sowerby
54°13′11″N 1°20′02″W / 54.2198°N 1.3339°W / 54.2198; -1.3339
Town End Bridge1
Cod Beck Also known as World's End Bridge. 1672; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[110] Carries public footpath.
North Yorkshire Spofforth
53°57′31″N 1°26′58″W / 53.9585°N 1.4495°W / 53.9585; -1.4495
packhorse bridge
River Crimple 18th-century; single arch. Grade II listed.[111]
North Yorkshire Stokesley
54°28′09″N 1°11′34″W / 54.4692°N 1.1927°W / 54.4692; -1.1927
Taylorson's Bridge1
River Leven 17th- or early 18th-century; single round arch. Grade II listed.[112]
North Yorkshire Thornthwaite
54°01′47″N 1°44′10″W / 54.0296°N 1.7361°W / 54.0296; -1.7361
Thornthwaite Packhorse Bridge1
Fall or Padside or Darley Beck Single segmental span. Scheduled Ancient Monument.[113]
North Yorkshire Westerdale
54°26′47″N 0°58′40″W / 54.4464°N 0.9779°W / 54.4464; -0.9779
Hunter's Sty (Stee) Bridge2
River Esk 13th-century, restored 1874; single round span. Scheduled Ancient Monument.[114] Carries public footpath.
North Yorkshire Yockenthwaite
54°12′26″N 2°08′52″W / 54.2071°N 2.1477°W / 54.2071; -2.1477
Yockenthwaite Bridge2
River Wharfe Probably early 18th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[115]
Nottinghamshire Ratcliffe-on-Soar
52°52′05″N 1°16′13″W / 52.8681°N 1.2702°W / 52.8681; -1.2702
Red Hill Lock Bridge
River Soar
(Loughborough Navigation)
Late 18th- or early 19th-century; single semicircular brick arch. Grade II listed.[116] Although described as such in the official listing, this canal bridge is not a packhorse bridge by most accepted definitions.
Shropshire Clun
52°25′13″N 3°01′49″W / 52.4204°N 3.0303°W / 52.4204; -3.0303
Clun Bridge
River Clun Probably 16th-century; five segmental arches. Grade II listed.[117] Carries A488 road.
Shropshire Rushbury
52°31′11″N 2°43′08″W / 52.5197°N 2.7190°W / 52.5197; -2.7190
Rushbury Packhorse Bridge1
Eaton Brook 17th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[118] Carries public bridleway.
Somerset Allerford
51°12′40″N 3°34′08″W / 51.2110°N 3.5688°W / 51.2110; -3.5688
Allerford Bridge1
River Aller Medieval; two segmental-headed arches. Grade II* listed,[119] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[120] Adjoins public road through ford.
Somerset Bruton
51°06′42″N 2°27′12″W / 51.1118°N 2.4534°W / 51.1118; -2.4534
Bow Bridge, Plox1
River Brue Possibly 15th-century; single-span. Grade I listed,[121] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[122]
Somerset Charterhouse
51°17′54″N 2°43′16″W / 51.2983°N 2.7210°W / 51.2983; -2.7210
17th- or 18th-century; single low segmental arch. Grade II listed.[123]
Somerset Chew Stoke
51°21′11″N 2°38′10″W / 51.3531°N 2.6360°W / 51.3531; -2.6360
packhorse bridge3
Strode Brook Two round arches.
Somerset Chewton Keynsham
51°23′45″N 2°29′52″W / 51.3959°N 2.4978°W / 51.3959; -2.4978
Chewton Packhorse Bridge
River Chew Early 18th-century; two segmental arches. Grade II listed,[124] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[125] Carries public byway.
Somerset Dowlish Wake
50°54′38″N 2°53′21″W / 50.9106°N 2.8893°W / 50.9106; -2.8893
Dowlish Wake Packhorse Bridge
Dowlish Brook 17th- or 18th-century rebuild of medieval bridge; four round arches (two inserted 1994–97 for flood relief purposes).[126] Grade II listed.[127] Carries public footpath alongside road.
Somerset Dunster
51°10′45″N 3°26′49″W / 51.1792°N 3.4470°W / 51.1792; -3.4470
Gallox Bridge1
River Avill Possibly 15th-century; two round arches. Grade I listed,[128] Scheduled Ancient Monument. Carries public bridleway.
Somerset Ilchester
51°00′28″N 2°42′50″W / 51.0077°N 2.7140°W / 51.0077; -2.7140
Pill Bridge1
River Ivel 17th-century; three semicircular arches. Grade II listed,[129] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[130] Carries public bridleway.
Somerset Horner
51°11′55″N 3°34′47″W / 51.1985°N 3.5797°W / 51.1985; -3.5797
Hacketty Way Bridge1
River Horner Late medieval; single-span. Grade II* listed,[131] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[132] Carries public bridleway.
Somerset West Luccombe
51°12′13″N 3°34′40″W / 51.2035°N 3.5777°W / 51.2035; -3.5777
West Luccombe packhorse bridge
River Horner Late medieval; single-span. Grade II* listed,[133] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[134] Carries public footpath.
Somerset Oare
51°12′57″N 3°43′52″W / 51.2159°N 3.7310°W / 51.2159; -3.7310
Malmsmead Bridge
Badgworthy Water 17th–18th-century; two rounded arches. Grade II listed.[135] Carries public road.
Somerset Oare
51°12′18″N 3°41′25″W / 51.2050°N 3.6904°W / 51.2050; -3.6904
Robber's Bridge
Weir Water Carries public road.
Somerset Queen Camel
51°01′22″N 2°34′48″W / 51.0229°N 2.5799°W / 51.0229; -2.5799
packhorse bridge1 River Cam Carries public footpath.
Somerset Rode
51°17′03″N 2°17′25″W / 51.2842°N 2.2903°W / 51.2842; -2.2903
Scutt's Bridge1
River Frome Three semicircular arches. Grade II listed.[136] Carries public footpath.
Somerset Tellisford
51°17′59″N 2°16′48″W / 51.2996°N 2.2799°W / 51.2996; -2.2799
Tellisford Bridge2
River Frome Three semicircular arches. Grade II listed.[137] Carries public footpath.
Somerset Watchet
51°10′28″N 3°20′55″W / 51.1745°N 3.3486°W / 51.1745; -3.3486
Kentsford Bridge1
Washford River Probably late medieval; two segmental arches. Grade II listed.[138] Carries public footpath.
Somerset Wellow
51°19′17″N 2°22′21″W / 51.3213°N 2.3725°W / 51.3213; -2.3725
Wellow Bridge
Wellow Brook Late medieval; two round arches. Grade II listed.[139] Carries public footpath.
Somerset Winsford
51°07′31″N 3°37′12″W / 51.1254°N 3.6201°W / 51.1254; -3.6201
Lyncombe Bridge River Exe 17th- or 18th-century, possibly earlier. Grade II listed.[140]
Somerset Winsford
51°06′19″N 3°33′52″W / 51.1053°N 3.5644°W / 51.1053; -3.5644
Old Vicarage Bridge1
River Exe Medieval, restored 1952; two semicircular arches. Grade II listed.[141] Carries public footpath, just upstream of 19th-century road bridge (also called Vicarage Bridge).
Somerset Winsford
51°06′10″N 3°33′53″W / 51.1027°N 3.5646°W / 51.1027; -3.5646
packhorse bridge1
Winn Brook Medieval, restored 1952; single semicircular arch. Grade II listed.[142]
South Yorkshire Longshaw
53°19′45″N 1°36′21″W / 53.3291°N 1.6059°W / 53.3291; -1.6059
Burbage Brook Bridge1
Burbage Brook c. 1750; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[143] On open access moorland, near to Carl Wark.
South Yorkshire Oxspring
53°31′10″N 1°35′55″W / 53.5195°N 1.5986°W / 53.5195; -1.5986
Willow Bridge1
River Don Probably 17th-century; single slightly pointed arch. Grade II listed.[144] On public bridleway, part of the Trans-Pennine Trail.
South Yorkshire Rivelin Valley
53°22′53″N 1°33′44″W / 53.3814°N 1.5622°W / 53.3814; -1.5622
packhorse bridge1
River Rivelin c. 1775; single elliptical arch. Grade II listed.[145] In Country Park.
South Yorkshire Wharncliffe Side
53°26′42″N 1°33′41″W / 53.4449°N 1.5615°W / 53.4449; -1.5615
Glen Howe Packhorse Bridge2
Tinker Brook Formerly New Mill Bridge. 1734; single elliptical arch. Grade II listed.[146] In public park; resited during construction of Ewden Reservoir.
Staffordshire Great Haywood
52°48′02″N 2°00′31″W / 52.8006°N 2.0086°W / 52.8006; -2.0086
Essex Bridge1
River Trent Probably 16th-century; fourteen round arches. Described as "perhaps the least altered old bridge in the county"[147] and "the longest packhorse bridge in the country".[2]:129 Grade I listed,[147] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[148] Carries public bridleway.
Staffordshire Tamworth
52°37′52″N 1°41′20″W / 52.631°N 1.689°W / 52.631; -1.689
The Old Bolebridge River Anker No longer extant; demolished c.1878–79.[149]
Suffolk Cavenham
52°17′45″N 0°35′19″E / 52.2958°N 0.5886°E / 52.2958; 0.5886
Stone Bridge2
tributary of River Lark Probably 16th-century; single segmental brick arch. Grade II listed.[150] Adjacent to public road.
Suffolk Moulton
52°15′10″N 0°29′08″E / 52.2528°N 0.4855°E / 52.2528; 0.4855
Moulton Packhorse Bridge1
River Kennett ca. 1446[151] with 18th-century alterations;[4] four pointed arches. Grade II* listed,[152] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[153] Carries public footpath.
Surrey Ewell
51°21′35″N 0°15′49″W / 51.3596°N 0.2637°W / 51.3596; -0.2637
The Packhorse Bridge
Hogsmill River 18th-century; single semicircular brick arch. Grade II listed.[154]
Surrey Gomshall
51°13′14″N 0°26′56″W / 51.2206°N 0.4490°W / 51.2206; -0.4490
River Tillingbourne 15th-century; three arches. Grade II listed.[155]
Warwickshire Shustoke
52°30′59″N 1°41′25″W / 52.5165°N 1.6904°W / 52.5165; -1.6904
Blyth Hall Packhorse Bridge River Blythe 18th-century; three semicircular arches. Grade II listed.[156]
West Midlands Hampton-in-Arden
52°25′07″N 1°41′16″W / 52.4186°N 1.6878°W / 52.4186; -1.6878
Hampton-in-Arden packhorse bridge2
River Blythe 15th-century; three stone and two brick arches. Grade II* listed,[157] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[158]
West Yorkshire Bingley
53°50′32″N 1°50′30″W / 53.8422°N 1.8418°W / 53.8422; -1.8418
Beckfoot Bridge1
Harden Beck c.1723; single-span. Grade II listed.[159] Carries public footpath.
West Yorkshire Clayton West
53°36′04″N 1°36′27″W / 53.6010°N 1.6074°W / 53.6010; -1.6074
Park Mill Bridge1
River Dearne Probably 18th-century; single-span. Grade II listed.[160] Carries public right-of-way.
West Yorkshire Colden
53°45′11″N 2°03′48″W / 53.7531°N 2.0633°W / 53.7531; -2.0633
Strines Bridge1
Colden Water Possibly 17th-century; single segmental arch. Grade II listed.[161] Carries public footpath; contra Hinchliffe, the English Heritage listing calls it a "fine graceful example of the packhorse type of bridge, but which having steps was probably only ever used as a foot-bridge...."[162]
West Yorkshire Goose Eye
53°51′38″N 1°58′24″W / 53.8605°N 1.9734°W / 53.8605; -1.9734
Dean Beck Date unknown; single arch. Grade II listed.[163] Adjacent to clapper bridge; carries public bridleway.
West Yorkshire Haworth
53°50′03″N 1°58′13″W / 53.8343°N 1.9704°W / 53.8343; -1.9704
Long Bridge1
River Worth Date uncertain; single-span. Grade II listed.[164] Carries public footpath.
West Yorkshire Hebden Bridge
53°44′31″N 2°00′48″W / 53.7420°N 2.0133°W / 53.7420; -2.0133
The Old Bridge2
Hebden Water Also known as Hepton Brig.[2]:93 c.1510; three segmental arches. Grade II* listed.[165] Carries public right-of-way.
West Yorkshire Loxley
53°24′05″N 1°33′02″W / 53.4015°N 1.5505°W / 53.4015; -1.5505
River Loxley Probably 18th-century, restored 1864. Grade II listed.[166]
West Yorkshire Marsden
53°36′20″N 1°57′29″W / 53.6055°N 1.9580°W / 53.6055; -1.9580
Close Gate Bridge1
Haigh Clough 17th- or 18th-century; single-span. Grade II* listed.[167]
West Yorkshire Marsden
53°36′06″N 1°55′49″W / 53.6017°N 1.9304°W / 53.6017; -1.9304
Mellor Bridge1
River Colne 17th- or 18th-century; single-span. Grade II* listed.[168] Carries public footpath.
West Yorkshire Meanwood
53°49′16″N 1°33′41″W / 53.8212°N 1.5613°W / 53.8212; -1.5613
Meanwood Beck Early 18th-century. Grade II listed, "a rare survival of a pack-horse bridge sited within a suburban setting".[169]
West Yorkshire Oxenhope
53°49′12″N 1°56′47″W / 53.8201°N 1.9465°W / 53.8201; -1.9465
North Ives or Donkey Bridge1
Bridgehouse Beck Date uncertain; single steeply arched span. Grade II listed.[170] Carries public footpath.
West Yorkshire Rishworth Moor
53°38′20″N 1°59′38″W / 53.6389°N 1.9938°W / 53.6389; -1.9938
Oxygrains Old Bridge2
Oxygrains Clough Probably early 17th-century;[171] single-span. Scheduled Ancient Monument.[172] On Access Land.
West Yorkshire Ripponden
53°40′28″N 1°56′24″W / 53.6745°N 1.9399°W / 53.6745; -1.9399
Waterloo or Ripponden Old Bridge2
River Ryburn 1752;[173] single-span. Grade II* listed,[174] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[175] Public road.
West Yorkshire Stanbury
53°50′03″N 1°58′42″W / 53.8342°N 1.9784°W / 53.8342; -1.9784
Lumbfoot Bridge1
River Worth Date uncertain; single-span. Grade II listed.[176] Carries public footpath.
West Yorkshire Wakefield
53°40′33″N 1°29′22″W / 53.6759°N 1.4895°W / 53.6759; -1.4895
Little Bridge1
River Calder Probably 18th-century; three elliptical arches. Grade II listed.[177]
West Yorkshire Wadsworth
53°46′45″N 2°00′47″W / 53.7791°N 2.0130°W / 53.7791; -2.0130
Lumb Bridge1
Crimsworth Dean Beck Probably early 18th-century; single-span. Grade II listed.[178] Carries public bridleway.
Wiltshire Coombe Bissett
51°02′12″N 1°50′46″W / 51.0368°N 1.8461°W / 51.0368; -1.8461
packhorse bridge2
River Ebble Medieval, widened in the 19th century; three low two-centred arches. Grade II listed.[179] Carries public footpath.
Wiltshire Melksham
51°21′28″N 2°10′15″W / 51.3577°N 2.1708°W / 51.3577; -2.1708
packhorse bridge1
River Avon 1725; four segmental arches. Grade II listed.[180] Carries public footpath.
Worcestershire Astley
52°18′10″N 2°18′40″W / 52.3028°N 2.3112°W / 52.3028; -2.3112
New Bridge Dick Brook Late 18th- or early 19th-century, possibly earlier, single arch. Grade II listed.[181] Carries public bridleway.
Worcestershire Shell
52°14′07″N 2°04′22″W / 52.2352°N 2.0729°W / 52.2352; -2.0729
Shell Packhorse Bridge1
Bow Brook 17th-century or earlier, two round arches. Grade II listed.[182] Adjacent to ford on public road.

Isle of Man

County Location Name Photograph Crosses Notes
Isle of Man Ballasalla
54°06′07″N 4°37′53″W / 54.1020°N 4.6313°W / 54.1020; -4.6313
Crossag or Monks' Bridge
Silver Burn c. 1350; two slightly pointed arches. "It is believed to be the best example of [a] medieval bridge in the British Isles."[183]


County Location Name Photograph Crosses Notes
Borders Stow of Wedale
55°41′24″N 2°51′46″W / 55.69°N 2.8629°W / 55.69; -2.8629
Luggate Water Bridge
Gala Water c.1790; three segmental arches. Grade B listed.[184]
Fife Coaltown of Balgonie
56°10′21″N 3°07′00″W / 56.1726°N 3.1166°W / 56.1726; -3.1166
Barrel Brig River Ore, Fife Early 18th century; double-span with cutwaters. Grade B listed, Scheduled Ancient Monument.[185][186]
Highland Carrbridge
57°17′02″N 3°48′57″W / 57.2838°N 3.8158°W / 57.2838; -3.8158
Carr Bridge
River Dulnain 1717; single-span. Grade B listed,[187] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[188]
Highland John o' Groats
58°38′35″N 3°05′07″W / 58.6430°N 3.0853°W / 58.6430; -3.0853
Huna Burn 1651; single-span. Grade B listed.[189]
South Lanarkshire East Kilbride
55°43′46″N 4°13′38″W / 55.7295°N 4.2271°W / 55.7295; -4.2271
Craig Mill Packhorse Bridge White Cart Water Single-span. Grade B listed.[190]


County Location Name Photograph Crosses Notes
Blaenau Gwent Aberbeeg
51°42′36″N 3°08′39″W / 51.7101°N 3.1442°W / 51.7101; -3.1442
Ebbw Fach River Grade II listed.[191]
Conwy Penmachno
53°03′36″N 3°46′51″W / 53.0599°N 3.7807°W / 53.0599; -3.7807
Roman Bridge
River Machno Grade II listed.[192]
Flintshire Caergwrle
53°06′39″N 3°02′12″W / 53.1109°N 3.0367°W / 53.1109; -3.0367
Caergwrle Packhorse Bridge
River Alyn Mid-17th-century; "one of the finest examples in Wales".[193] Grade II listed.[194]
Flintshire Ffrith
53°05′24″N 3°03′57″W / 53.0901°N 3.0657°W / 53.0901; -3.0657
Ffrith Bridge
River Cegidog Probably 18th-century; single-span. Grade II listed, Scheduled Ancient Monument.[195]
Gwynedd Dyffryn Ardudwy
52°47′31″N 4°01′31″W / 52.7919°N 4.0253°W / 52.7919; -4.0253
Pont Scethin
River Ysgethin Probably 18th-century; single arch. Scheduled Ancient Monument.[196]
Gwynedd Minllyn
52°42′25″N 3°41′46″W / 52.7070°N 3.6961°W / 52.7070; -3.6961
Pont Minllyn
River Dovey Probably 17th-century; two segmental arches. Grade II listed,[197] Scheduled Ancient Monument.[198]
Powys Llangenny
51°51′49″N 3°06′24″W / 51.8636°N 3.1067°W / 51.8636; -3.1067
Grwyne Fawr Grade II listed.[199]
Swansea Cheriton
51°36′40″N 4°13′34″W / 51.6111°N 4.2262°W / 51.6111; -4.2262
Kittlehill Packhorse Bridge
Burry Pill Grade II listed.[200]
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