Pachchak Kuthira

Pachchak Kuthira is a Tamil film meaning Green Horse. It stars Parthiban and Namitha. The film was released on 14 April 2006.


Pachamuthu (Parthipan) by his own confession is a Porikki and due to the fear he is able to whip up, he rules over a slum area in Chennai. He is a sadist, a pervert and treats his own mother like a slave worker and swears at her. He is always on the look out to make a fast buck and has no qualms about doing dirty jobs for others; provided he is paid.

One day he walks into a marriage pandal and is able to get a sneak view of the bride Poovu (Namitha) as she is dressing up for the marriage. Instantly Pacha takes a liking to her. He beats up the groom, marries the poor girl and takes her to bed after telling his shell-shocked mother and other women that he isn't going to wait until after they are married to have sex with her.

After marriage, Poovu turns out to be a woman with a nice heart and sympathizes with the colony people who are terrified of Pacha. One day Pacha decides to test the loyalty of the colony people by pretending to be dead. But he is shocked to see the entire people in the place celebrating his death - except his mother. This changes him completely.

Pacha renounces his ways and breaks up the gang of ruthless moneylenders. The villagers celebrate.

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