DVD Cover
Directed by A. S. Nagarajan
Produced by T. R. Sundaram
Written by Pa. Kannan
Screenplay by Pa. Kannan
Starring M. K. Radha
V. Gopalakrishnan
G. Varalakshmi
M. N. Rajam
Music by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy
Cinematography W. R. Subbha Rao
Edited by L. Balu
Distributed by Modern Theatres
Release dates
November 01, 1956
Running time
146 Mins
Country India
Language Tamil

Paasavalai (English: Affection Net (or) Love Net) is a 1956 Tamil Fantasy - Drama film was directed by A. S. Nagarajan and produced by T. R. Sundaram under the banner Modern Theatres.[1] The film script were written by Pa. Kannan. Music by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy assets to the film. It stars M. K. Radha, V. Gopalakrishnan, G. Varalakshmi, M. N. Rajam and Kumari Rajamani played lead role to protagonist with T. P. Muthulakshmi and A. Karunanidhi provided comic relief.[1][2] The film was moderate success at the Box - Office.[1][3]


A King(M. R. Radha) is accused by his people that he is shielding his younger brother(V. Gopalakrishnan), who is after, Women touched to the quick, the king abandons his throne and walks out with his Queen(G. Varalakshmi) and Children. He wanders in the woods, looking for peace. The family gets separated. The king becomes mentally deranged, while his wife loses the children and workks as a maid in a house. The children are rescued by some people including a leader of a gang of thieves. The brother meets the king in the woods, apologises for what had happened and promises to cure him of his mental illness. He meets a Young women(Kumari Rajamani), who has a magic cave with herbs that can cure his brother. He goes in search of it, but the women, unable to seduce the repentant brother, converts him into a dog(Tiger). However, he succeeds in curing the king and dies in his arms. The blind king is saved by a Princess(M. N. Rajam), who falls in love with him. She soon realises that he is still thinking of his first queen. After, interesting twists, the king and the queens are united with the children and the princess dies accidentally.[1]


Male Actors
Female Actors



Soundtrack album by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy
Released 1956
Recorded 1956
Genre Sareegama[4]
Length 43:21
Language Tamil
Producer Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy

Music by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy and lyrics were written by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram and A. Maruthakasi.[5] Playback singers are C. S. Jayaraman, Thiruchi Loganathan, P. B. Srinivas, Jikki, P. Suseela & K. Rani.

Many songs become popular with Anbinaal... Paasavalai Sung by C. S. Jayaraman becoming a major hit. Another song become popular Lol Lol Machchaan Unna Parthu.. Sung by Jikki.[1]

No Songs Singer Lyrics Length(m:ss)
1 Machchan Unna Parthu (lol Lol Lol) Jikki Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram 04:48
2 Anbinale Undagum C. S. Jayaraman 03:15
3 Idhuthaan Ulagamadaa C. S. Jayaraman Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram 03:24
4 Kutti Aadu Thappivandhaal C. S. Jayaraman 03:37
5 Intha Aattukkum C. S. Jayaraman 03:44
6 Aiyaiya Neenga Ambalaiyaanga Thiruchi Loganathan & K. Rani A. Maruthakasi 03:22
7 Chinna Ponnu Singaari P. Suseela 03:17
8 Mathippu Ketta Maamaa P. Suseela 02:43
9 Yaarukku Theengu Seithen C. S. Jayaraman 03:53
10 Unakku Yedhu Sondham C. S. Jayaraman 03:33
11 Kannil Illaiyo Manam C. S. Jayaraman 03:56
12 Malarodu Vishma P. B. Srinivas 02:45


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