PSM-Nationalist Agreement

PSM - Nationalist Agreement
President Joana Lluïsa Mascaró
Secretary-General Gabriel Barceló
Founded 1998 (1998)
Headquarters C/Isidoro Antillón, 9, bajo, 07006 - Palma de Mallorca
Ideology Democratic socialism
Catalan nationalism
Catalan independentism[1]
European affiliation European Free Alliance
International affiliation None
European Parliament group None
Colours Red
Local Government
59 / 925
Parliament of the Balearic Islands
4 / 59
Congress of Deputies
0 / 350
Spanish Senate
1 / 264
European Parliament
0 / 50

The PSM - Nationalist Agreement (Catalan: PSM - Entesa Nacionalista, PSM-EN) is a democratic socialist, environmentalist and Catalan nationalist political party of the Balearic Isles, Spain. The PSM-EN is a federated party consisting of five constituent parties:[2]

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