Pro TV

Pro TV
Launched 1 December 1995
Network ProTV S.A
Owned by Central European Media Enterprises
Picture format

576i (16:9/4:3, SDTV)

1080i (16:9, HDTV)
Audience share 20.2%, 2009
Slogan Gândește liber (Think freely)


Republic of Moldova
Headquarters Bucharest 2, Bd. Pache Protopopescu nr.109
Sister channel(s), PRO.TV Internaţional, Pro Cinema, Acasa TV, MTV Romania
Dolce Channel 113
UPC Romania Channel 03 (digital with DVR)
Channel 04 (digital)
RCS&RDS Channel 17
Meo (Portugal)[1] Channel 234

Pro TV (Romanian pronunciation: [proteˈve]) is the third Romanian private TV Channel (after the now-defunct Tele7ABC and Antena 1), launched in December 1995, that reaches almost 99% of Romania’s 21.5 million people and has 48% of its broadcast schedule comprising locally produced programs. Pro TV broadcasts 24 hours a day and achieved an average all day audience of 16.5% during 2008.

Targeting urban adults aged 18 to 49, Pro TV uses a programming strategy of top international series and movies, as well as a wide variety of local productions including news programming, local entertainment and local fiction.


The station’s local productions include entertainment shows, news programs and TV series.

ProTV News

"Știrile ProTV" (ProTV News) is the most popular newscast in Romania, with 9.3 rating points and 25.1% of the television market share in Romania. It is followed by over a million viewers internationally.

ProTV News won the "International Emmy Award News of 2008[2]" in September 2008.

Andreea Esca is the longest-standing newscaster in Romania. She began her career over 21 years ago, and has spent 19 years with ProTV.

ProTV News is very controversial; many critics have stated that ProTV News focuses on topics that are violent, offensive or overzealous, and ProTV has even been accused of airing some news reports that are false or "invented". Many criticize ProTV for excessively dramatizing sensitive topics.

Another controversial program is the news at 17:00, presented by Monica Dascălu, for presenting sensitive topics such as murder, manslaughter, or sexual abuse. As a result of the excessive detail of their content, the program at 17:00 is known in popular culture as "știrile de la ora 5" (the news at 5).

Newscasters and celebrities

Sub-channels and subsidiaries


In September 2008, Pro TV News' social campaign “Any idea what your kid is doing right now?” (Romanian: Tu știi ce mai face copilul tău?) won the International Emmy Awards for “News”, being the first TV station in Eastern Europe to win this award.

At the beginning of 2009, Pro TV won the NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Award for the social campaigns Pro TV News had developed in the previous two years.

Sports competitions

Pro TV was the main television channel to broadcast the UEFA Champions League in Romania between 2000 and 2009. From 2009 to 2015 it broadcast "Cupa Romaniei" ("The Romania's Cup"), at football, the matches with Romanian teams from Europa League and the preliminaries of UEFA Champions League.[3] From 2015, Pro TV takes back the rights for UEFA Champions League and in 2016, it obtains the rights for UEFA Euro 2016.


On December 1, 2006, Pro TV started to transmit the 19:00 news in high-definition, thus becoming the first terrestrial television station in Romania to transmit HD.


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