Pölshals Pass

Pölshals Pass
Pölshals Pass

Location of Pölshals Pass

Elevation 815 m (2,674 ft)
Traversed by Federal Highways B 114 and B 114a
Location Austria
Range Alps
Coordinates 47°12′N 14°34′E / 47.200°N 14.567°E / 47.200; 14.567Coordinates: 47°12′N 14°34′E / 47.200°N 14.567°E / 47.200; 14.567

Pölshals Pass, elevation 815 m (2,674 ft), is a mountain pass in the Alps in the Austrian Bundesland of Styria.

It connects Pöls with the valley of the Mur River.

The pass was already in use in Roman times.

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