Pólya Prize (LMS)

This article is about the prize awarded by London Mathematical Society (LMS). For the prize awarded by Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), see George Pólya Prize. For the prize awarded by Mathematical Association of America (MAA) for quality articles, see George Pólya Award.

The Pólya Prize is a prize in mathematics, awarded by the London Mathematical Society. Second only to the triennial De Morgan Medal in prestige among the society's awards, it is awarded in the years that are not divisible by three those in which the De Morgan Medal is not awarded. First given in 1987, the prize is named after Hungarian mathematician George Pólya who was a member of the society for over 60 years.

The prize is awarded "in recognition of outstanding creativity in, imaginative exposition of, or distinguished contribution to, mathematics within the United Kingdom". It cannot be given to anyone who has previously received the De Morgan Medal.

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