Péter Perényi

Péter Perényi de Nagyida
Died c. 1423
Title Count of Temes County
Spouse(s) Julianna N.
Anna Széchy de Felsõlendva
Children Simon, János, Miklós
Parent(s) Simon

Péter Perényi de Nagyida (d. around 1423), son of Simon of the Perényi branch of the Šubić clan, was the head (or ispán) of Temes County from the end of the 14th century into the start of the 15th century. He also commanded Golubac fortress in 1391. He served as judge royal between 1315 and 1323.

He married twice, first to Julianna N., with whom he had two sons, Simon and János, and second to Anna Széchy de Felsõlendva (now Grad, Slovenia), who gave him another son, Miklós.


Political offices
Preceded by
Simon Rozgonyi
Judge royal
Succeeded by
Stephen Kompolti

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