Location in Gabon

Coordinates: 1°36′N 11°34′E / 1.600°N 11.567°E / 1.600; 11.567Coordinates: 1°36′N 11°34′E / 1.600°N 11.567°E / 1.600; 11.567
Country  Gabon
Province Woleu-Ntem Province
Department Woleu Department
Elevation 900 m (3,000 ft)
Population (2013 census)
  Total 60,685

Oyem is the capital of Woleu-Ntem province in northern Gabon, lying on the N2 road and the River Ntem.


The town lies on a plateau at an elevation of about 3,000 feet (910 m). It is the administrative and transport center for the surrounding agricultural area.[1] Oyem is located 411 kilometers away from the national capital, Libreville.[2]


Oyem is named after a large tree that grows around the town.[3] In the 1990s, there were several female Peace Corps officers raped and murdered in Gabon, stirring controversy over the safety of its locations.[4]

The town was sieged by rabid dogs in March 2004, who killed three of five residents infected. The town council was forced to shoot 50 strays.[5]

In October 2004, Oyem was affected by water and power cuts. In December of that year, it was severely affected by a rare typhoid fever outbreak which spread across northern Gabon.[2] About 50 cases were reported in Oyem.[6]


Cocoa and coffee are the most important cash crops in Oyem and are trucked to the Cameroon ports of Kribi and Douala for export. Rubber and potatoes are also farmed.[1] The town has an airport, Oyem Airport.


Within the town is a hospital, two churches, an agricultural school, a government secondary school, and a customs station.[1]


Year Population[7]
1993 22,404
2003 35,241
2013 60,684

International relations

Twin towns – Sister cities

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Notable People

Daniel Ona Ondo - Gabonese prime minister


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