Outline of machines

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to machines:

Machine mechanical system that provides the useful application of power to achieve movement. A machine consists of a power source, or engine, and a mechanism or transmission for the controlled use of this power. The combination of force and movement, known as power, is an important characteristic of a machine.

Essence of machines

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History of machines

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Machine theory

The mathematical tools for the analysis of movement in machines:

Machine elements

Movement in a machine is controlled by mechanism elements that the shape forces and movement and structural elements that support these mechanisms.

Mechanism elements

Structural elements

Types of machines and automated devices

Clock Atomic clock, Watch, Pendulum clock, Quartz clock
Compressors and pumps Archimedes' screw, Eductor-jet pump, Hydraulic ram, Pump, Trompe, Vacuum pump
Conveyor systems Conveyor belt Treadmill
Conveyor transport Escalator, Moving walkway
Electronic machines Computing machines Calculator, Computer
Electronic components Transistor, Diode, Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor
Telecommunications Telephone system
Engines Heat engine: external combustion Steam engine, Stirling engine
Heat engine: internal combustion Reciprocating engine, Wankel engine, Jet engine, Rocket, gas turbine
Turbine engines Gas turbine, Jet engine, Steam turbine, Water turbine, Wind generator, Windmill (Air turbine)
Linkages Pantograph, Peaucellier–Lipkin
Power tools Machine tools Broaching machine, Drill press, Gear shaper, Hobbing machine, Hone, Lathe, Milling machine, Shaper, Planer, Stewart platform mills, Grinders
Hand-held power tools Belt sander, Ceramic tile cutter tile saw, Chainsaw, Circular saw, Concrete saw, Diamond blade, Diamond tools, Disc sander, Drill, Heat gun, Impact wrench, Jigsaw, Nail gun (Electric and Battery as well as Powder Actuated), Powder-actuated tools, Random orbital sander, Rotary tool (such as Dremel), Sander, Wood router, Trimmer
Other Air compressor, Bandsaw, Belt sander, Biscuit joiner, cold metal-cutting saw, Crusher, Disc sander, Jointer, Radial arm saw, Random orbital sander, Sander, Steel cut-off saw, Table saw, Thickness planer, Wood router, grinder
Robotics Robot ASIMO, Industrial robot, Robotic arm
Simple machine - There are only 3 fundamental machines, with 4 variations, for a total of 7 simple machines #1- Lever. #2- Inclined Plane (with variations 4- screw and 5- wedge); and #3- Wheel (includes axle), which is the base for 6-pulley and 7-gear. A screw is a combination of a wheel and an inclined plane. A gear is a combination of a wheel and a lever.

Note: The hydraulic ram or pump can be considered a type of lever in that it multiplies force as does a mechanical level. As it does require manufacture with close tolerances or seals, it is debatable whether it qualifies as "simple".

Vehicles Man powered vehicles Bicycle, Pedalo
Powered vehicles Car, Train, Airplane, Ship
Miscellaneous Vending machine, Wind tunnel

Machine operations

Mechanical components


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Inventors and designers of machines

Machine lists

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