Out (miniseries)

Actor Tom Bell during the filming of the series

Out is a British television crime drama written by Trevor Preston and directed by Jim Goddard. It was produced by Thames Television in 1978 and starred Tom Bell as Frank ("Frankie") Ross.

In the weeks prior to its broadcast on Monday evenings, brief clips of the programme were shown to arouse viewer interest in which a character provided only the cryptic information that 'Frank Ross is OUT'. Also, around the time of the series, a lot of graffiti saying, "Frank Ross is innocent" appeared around London.

The series ran 1 season (6 episodes), with Bell declining to make a sequel.[1]

Plot summary

Frank Ross (actor Tom Bell) returns from an eight-year prison sentence for a robbery that was thwarted because somebody 'grassed' the gang. Nobody knows who put the finger on him, but Ross is determined to find out and seeks revenge on those who betrayed him. Little by little, Ross pieces together the trail that leads to a dramatic conclusion.

Whilst inside, his wife has gone into a home and his son is going off the rails. The gang included John Junkin, Frank Mills, Oscar James and Peter Blake. Other notable actors included Norman Rodway (as Inspector Bryce - the man who put Ross away), Brian Croucher (Frank's only real friend Chris), Brian Cox (as gangland rival McGrath), Derrick O'Connor and Bryan Marshall (two of McGrath's heavies).


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