Our Impact Will Be Felt

Our Impact Will Be Felt
Compilation album by Various artists
Released May 8, 2007
Recorded Unknown
Genre Hardcore, Heavy Metal
Length 45:06
Label Abacus Recordings

Our Impact Will Be Felt is a tribute album by various artists dedicated to Sick of It All, released on May 8, 2007. The album's title is a reference to a line of the song "Built to Last", which appeared on the band's album of the same title.

Track listing

  1. Rise Against - "Built to Last"
  2. Unearth - "Clobberin Time/What's Going On"
  3. Hatebreed - "Rat Pack"
  4. Madball - "Give Respect"
  5. Bleeding Through - "We Want the Truth"
  6. Comeback Kid - "Step Down"
  7. Ignite - "Cease Fire"
  8. Bouncing Souls - "Good Lookin' Out"
  9. Pennywise - "My Life"
  10. Kill Your Idols - "Friends Like You"
  11. Sepultura - "Scratch The Surface"
  12. Himsa - "Maladjusted"
  13. Most Precious Blood - "Alone"
  14. First Blood - "Just Look Around"
  15. Stretch Arm Strong - "Busted"
  16. Walls of Jericho - "Us Vs. Them"
  17. The Suicide Machines - "Goatless"
  18. Bane - "We Stand Alone"
  19. No Redeeming Social Value - "World Full Of Hate"
  20. Napalm Death - "Who Sets the Rules"
  21. Survive - "Blown Away" (Japan bonus track)
  22. Loyal To The Grave - "Will We Survive" (Japan bonus track)

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