Helsinki Subdivision

Position of Oulunkylä within Helsinki
Country  Finland
Region Uusimaa
Sub-region Greater Helsinki
Municipality Helsinki
Subdivision number 28
District Northern
Area 8.61 km2 (3.32 sq mi)
Population (1/1/04) 22,503
  Density 2,614/km2 (6,770/sq mi)
Postal codes 00620, 00630, 00640, 00650
Neighbouring subdivisions Pasila, Käpylä, Koskela, Haaga, Kaarela, Pakila, Viikki, Pukinmäki, Malmi
Street in Oulunkylä (Siltavoudintie)

Oulunkylä (Swedish: Åggelby, also known as Ogeli) is a suburb and a neighbourhood of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It is located 6 kilometres (4 mi) north from the center of the city.

It has been inhabited since the 13th century. Earlier an independent municipality, it was made part of Helsinki in 1946.

Oulunkylä is also the name of a district. It consists of Patola, Veräjämäki and Veräjälaakso, and has a total area of 4.51 km2.[1]


Oulunkylä Ice Rink, a rink used for speed skating and bandy, is located in Oulunkylä. It was the first artificial ice pad for those sports in Finland. The Bandy World Championship has been hosted here.


Botnia-69 has Oulunkylä Ice Rink as its home arena.


Oulunkylän Kiekko-Kerho


IF Gnistan

Famous people from Oulunkylä


Ville Valo and Tapio Rautavaara are from Oulunkylä. Tapio Rautavaara has a statue in Oulunkylä. Opera singers Cynthia Makris and Raimo Sirkiä built their house on the lot where the house of Rautavaara was located. Also the bassist, Mikko Paananen is from Oulunkylä.


Tito Colliander, Joel Lehtonen, Larin-Kyösti and Estonian author Friedebert Tuglas have lived in Oulunkylä.


Cartoonist, illustrator Ola Fogelberg, creator of Pekka Puupää -cartoon, was even nicknamed "Fågeli från Ågeli". Helena Hietanen studied in the same high school with Ville Valo, a few years earlier, but both under supervision of the legendary teachers Erkki Falk (math) and Erik Relander (history).


Vladimir Lenin lived here hiding from the Russian police.


Chad Fenton-Smith lived here briefly in 2013 before heading to Austria and/or maybe France on his way to becoming the first Young Winemaker of the Year over 37 years of age.

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Coordinates: 60°14′N 24°58′E / 60.233°N 24.967°E / 60.233; 24.967

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